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Sep 29 2022

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12:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 29 2022
  • Time: 3:00 pm



WarFi Presale

Token presale on BSC, for an NFT gameFi and P2E game, inspired by Horde and Spring Game (WarFi is a part of their Seed Partner Program).

❌ No contract available at time of review.

  • Presale Details
    • Presale will be held on the WarFi dApp, and will last for 2 days, or until hard cap is reached
    • Presale price: $1
      • No vesting for presale
    • Listing price: $1.1
    • No prior token sales
    • No minimum allocation
    • Maximum allocation: $1,450
    • Hard cap: $200,000
    • Initial circulating market cap: unknown
    • Taxes: 0% buy | 10% sell (no transfer tax)
    • Team says dApp and game will be available at token launch
    • Token is scheduled to launch on PancakeSwap on Oct. 2
  • Mechanics & Features
    • Users earn through either of the following ways;
      • Acquire a Soldier NFT and earn daily $KILL tokens (passive income)
      • play the P2E first-person shooter ‘EgoVerse’ game (PC download) and earn $KILL tokens for every kill you make in game
    • $KILL is the reward and utility token
    • To earn via the passive income way;
      • Purchase a TENT with $KILL tokens. There are 4 different TENT tiers each with varying costs and reward rates
      • A Soldier NFT can only be acquired (‘spawned’) from a TENT. There are 4 different Soldier types and the Soldier (and rank of the soldier) received depends entirely on the type of TENT you purchase
      • Each Soldier generates daily $KILL rewards (between 1% – 2.2% daily), and the reward rate depends on the type of tent the Soldier is spawned from and their Rank
      • No claim tax on rewards
      • Each Soldier has a lifespan (‘Active Service time’) of about 2x ROI, after which they stop (‘Retire’) generating rewards
      • After a soldier retires, they can be used for further utility such as entry to tournaments, events
      • During a Soldier’s active lifecycle, you will need to purchase AMMO (with $KILL tokens) to keep earning rewards. AMMO will have to be purchased at 3 different times during their lifecycle
      • Users can also own a WarBot NFT (Fifth Soldier) that never retires and keeps generating lifetime rewards to holders
        • Total of 1,000 WarBots available. Can only be purchased during the whitelist sale of the WarBot NFT (you must hold 1 of each soldier NFT to qualify for the whitelist)
        • Average returns will be 9-12% – automatic monthly pay-outs in BUSD
        • Holders also earn a share of the profits generated from the project
        • Funds from the WarBot sales will be invested into Trading Bots
    • To earn via playing the game;
      • Download the PC game
      • Pay with $KILL or BUSD to play – cost: 1 $KILL or equivalent BUSD
      • For each kill made in game, you will earn $KILL tokens – earn 0.5 $KILL per kill
    • Price Management System will be utilized to stabilize the token price around a pre-defined range; $1 – $1.1 – the system performs a buy back as the price reaches the lower range and sells as it reaches the upper range
    • WarFi Game Hub – road-mapped platform for partner P2E games, and with a built in DEX
    • Sustainability measures include; Soldier dynamic hard cap, Soldier decay model, revenue streams from; fees from EgoVerse game, trading fees from the Game Hub’s DEX, and profits from trading bots
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: $KILL
    • Total supply: 10,000,000
      • ❌ No information on the supply distribution
    • 10% sell tax
      • ❌ No information on the tax distribution
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