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  • Price: $350
  • Duration: 72 hours
  • Availability: Contact us for available dates / times
  • Sizing: 1200 x 200, 970 x 250 or 970 x 90
  • Acceptable Formats: Animated GIF, .png, .jpg
  • Additional Details:
    • Runs sitewide, on every page including the homepage
    • Shared with a max of 3 additional advertisers
    • Additional days can be purchased at a rate of $110 per day

  • Featured launches stand out in the calendar with the project logo
  • Price: $350
  • Duration: Starts immediately and runs forever
  • Availability: Any time
  • Sizing: 200×200 or larger, must be square aspect ratio
  • Acceptable Formats: .png, .jpg
  • Additional Details: 
    • Logo is visible in the Monthly view (the most trafficked page of the site), as well as the individual event details page
    • Logo is added to one event
    • If you have multiple events (i.e. a presale and a liquidity launch) you can purchase the logo multiple times at a discounted rate of $250 for each additional logo after the first

  • Visible on every event details page
  • Price: $350
  • Duration: 72 hours
  • Availability: Contact us for available dates / times
  • Sizing: Max 350px wide and 600px tall, minimum 200px wide
  • Acceptable Formats: Animated .gif, .png, .jpg
  • Additional Details: 
    • Shared with a max of 2 other advertisers
    • Additional days can be purchased at a rate of $110 per day


  • Enhanced on the left, standard on the right
  • Price: $350
  • Duration: These notifications go out 30 minutes prior to your launch to our Telegram, Twitter and Discord communities.
  • Availability: Any time prior to launch
  • Additional Details: 
    • Includes a direct link to your project homepage, instead of only linking to your project post on
    • Includes emojis for better visibility
    • Includes additional information on tokenmonics, farmenomics, audits or reviews, etc.
    • Includes image / banner if you provide one
  • Ape O’Clock KYC
  • Price: $1000 per KYC’d individual
  • Duration: KYC status is published once the process is complete, and stays up forever
  • Availability: The KYC process takes about 10 minutes for the KYC’d individual to complete, and turnaround is always within 24 hours of the KYC’d individual submitting their identity information.


Ape O’Clock KYC uses a rigorous, AML and KYC regulatory compliant identity verification process to ensure the accuracy of the identification information submitted to us. Why? Fake IDs aren’t difficult to obtain. Deepfake video technology can make a pre-recorded video appear as if it’s live, and/or make it appear that someone is in a video when they actually aren’t. Developer KYC is useless to consumers if it can be easily faked, gamed or spoofed.

We realize that the thorough and robust process we’ve put together might deter some projects from wanting to KYC with ApeOClock. Someone who intends to rug would likely choose a KYC service with less exacting standards.

With Ape O’Clock KYC, you can build trust with your investors and prospects that there is a real person behind the project, while still maintaining your anonymity.


Step 1

The project owner will receive a link to e-sign an agreement. The agreement states that:

  1. Signee takes full responsibility for the actions of the Project, it’s smart contracts, Project associated wallets, Project’s domain name and domain content, Project’s social media accounts and their content, Project-supplied liquidity, etc.
  2. Signee agrees that Ape O’Clock will release signee’s identity information to law enforcement, government agencies, and regulatory bodies upon request.
  3. Signee agrees that Ape O’Clock will directly contact law enforcement, government agencies, regulatory bodies if the Project is suspected of fraud or theft.

Step 2

The project owner will submit identity verification documents (back and front). Identity verification documents could be a passport, ID Card or Driver’s License. Documents with barcodes are scanned to ensure the barcode is legitimate. The extracted identity information is automatically checked against national databases to ensure authenticity, while the document’s appearance itself is also checked for signs of fraud.

Step 3

The device and network the user is on at the time of submission, coupled with personal data from the identification document is analyzed by machine learning to identify any inconsistencies.

Step 4
A biometric analysis and liveness / anti-spoofing assessment is conducted, ensuring the ID photo matches the face of the user submitting them. Both video and still images of the user are collected and evaluated during this step.

Step 5
The identity verification information collected in steps 2-4 is weighed as a whole and given a “pass” or “fail” status by the AI.

Step 6
The final step is a manual review. The e-signed agreement from Step 1, and its associated metadata is compared to the identity verification data collected in steps 2-5 to ensure consistency and completeness. Assuming it all checks out, the Project is awarded “KYC by Ape O’Clock” status.

Step 7
They KYC project is notified that they passed the KYC process.

Their event will be updated to include the “ApeOClock KYC” label on the main calendar, as well as on the individual event page:

The project may use “KYC by Ape O’Clock” badges on their site, social media accounts, marketing materials, etc.:

And finally, Ape O’Clock will post to our social media accounts announcing the KYC, with a custom graphic:


Investigation, arrest and prosecution is the responsibility of law enforcement. Ape O’Clock will never release the identity of KYC’d individuals to the general public, under any circumstance. Ape O’Clock WILL proactively notify law enforcement, regulatory governmental bodies, and exchanges of the theft and the identity of the KYC’d individual so that an investigation can commence.

The identity of the KYC’d individuals is only accessible by @apeoclockboss (Telegram) / apeoclock#3513 (Discord), and is stored with 2 factor authentication. No other team members will ever have access to your identity information, ever.

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. In transit data encryption uses TLS 1.2+, and at rest data is encrypted via AES-256. Our systems are also SOC Type 2 compliant, GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant, and WCAG 2.0 AA compliant.

Your investors deserve the best, and we’re confident that we have designed a process that better meets the needs of the defi community.

Bundle #1 – Most Popular

  • Includes Sitewide Header Banner + Featured Calendar Logo
  • Price: $700 $550
  • Duration: Banner runs for 72 hours, Featured Calendar Logo runs forever.

Bundle #2 – “The Kitchen Sink”

  • Sitewide Header Banner + Featured Calendar Logo + Sidebar Banner + Enhanced Social Media Blast
  • Price: $1400 $999
  • Duration: Sitewide Header Banner and Sidebar Banner run for 72 hours, Featured Calendar Logo runs forever, Enhanced Social Media Blast is published approximately 30 minutes before your launch.
  1. If your project is exploited, hacked, or rug pulled, all advertisements will cease immediately, to keep our users safe, and you will not receive a refund.
  2. There are no refunds for booked advertising, under any circumstance. This includes changes in launch dates.
  3. You are responsible for sending the banner artwork before your banner is scheduled to go live. If artwork is received after the banner is scheduled to go live, we will run the banner for the remainder of it’s scheduled duration, but you will not receive a refund or discount on missed time.