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Oct 18 2021

TimePacific Time

10:50 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 18 2021
  • Time: 1:50 pm



Sapphire War Farm Launch

October 26 update – it has been brought to our attention that Sapphire is the same team as SquidDefi and WitcherDefi.com. WitcherDefi rugged before we could even list it. Having done our own research to check, we’ve found that Sapphire was registered with the same registrant as Witcher, and is hosted on the same IP address. It is unlikely that two separate teams would use the same domain registrant and the same exact hosting service and be assigned the same hosting IP address, as such, we are in agreement that they are the same team. We don’t have reports of Sapphire itself rugging, but urge you to be careful with your crypto.

The second layer from Sapphire Defi.

  • Max supply 10,000 SAPPHIRE WAR
  • Initial price: $120
  • 0.001 SAPPHIRE WAR / second
  • 10% of emissions to dev
  • 4% deposit fee for non-natives, 0% for natives
  • No harvest lockup
  • No transfer tax

Stealth token launch on October 16.