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Oct 12 2022

TimePacific Time

5:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 12 2022
  • Time: 8:00 am



MetaRun Genesis Mystery Box Mint

A collection of 9,999 genesis mystery boxes on BSC, for a P2E multiplayer mobile runner game.

  • Mint Details
    • Mint will be held on the MetaRun website, here
    • Mint price: 99 BUSD
    • Mint only opens to public if not sold during the 24 hours whitelist mint window, starting on Oct. 11
    • No max mint for public
    • Each Mystery Box NFT contains 27 characters’ skins – 3 characters, 9 skins each per character. The price of the NFTs inside the Mystery Box would normally vary from $90 to $900
    • Secondary marketplace: MetaRun marketplace
    • Secondary sale royalties: unknown
    • Mystery box reveal is scheduled for Oct. 13
    • Open beta of the game; playable with free characters, is currently available on Android (iOs version is under development and can be tested on Testflight)
    • P2E open beta is scheduled to launch on Oct. 14 – you’ll be able play using your NFT character skin
  • NFT Utility & Game Mechanics
    • Each NFT is a playable 3D Character in the MetaRun game and have a higher earning potential than free NFT characters
    • Players race on obstacle courses filled with monsters, traps, and treasures and earn in-game currency (sapphire/gold/diamond/opal)
    • Each character is classified by their rarity – the higher the rarity, the more powerful the abilities (active and passive), initial characteristics (health, mana potion, damage, max speed), and higher earning potential
    • The skin rarity of each character determines the cosmetic and visual effects, the max level of the character, max ability level of the character, max earning bonuses
    • Character skins can be upgraded with in-game currencies to increase its effectiveness and value
    • All characters start at level 1 and level up by playing the game – character level represents the base value of health, mana, speed, damage, and abilities
    • Players can purchase and equip their characters with pets and artifacts to enhance their base characteristics
    • 2 gameplay modes;
      • Endless run (PvE) – run as far as possible, passing the obstacles and enemies; earn by picking up in-game currency, completing missions and daily tasks, killing monsters
      • Battle run (PvP) – battle with an opponent while running to win and earn OPAL
    • Players can also play the game with free characters in PVE mode only to earn rewards
    • OPAL is the virtual currency, earned by participating in matches and tournaments and earning ranked awards
      • Token utility: exchange for $MRUN, purchase Metarun chests and premium items, upgrade characters, and staking
    • MRUN is the native utility token
      • Token utility: exchange on DEX for USDT, earning multiplier, discounts on in-game purchases, upgrade characters & skins, purchase exclusive Metarun chests, purchase battle passes and tickets for special event and tournament, character leasing, donation to creators, staking, and more
    • All in-game assets are NFT items that can be traded, sold, or purchased on Metarun’s NFT marketplace
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