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Oct 30 2022

TimePacific Time

8:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 30 2022
  • Time: 11:00 am



DegoVerse Sports NFT & Training Cards Mint

Two sets of utility NFTs to upgrade Player NFTs, as part of their World Cup themes sports prediction gambling metaverse game.

  • Training Cards, Sport NFTs and betting all work to increase a Player NFT’s rarity
    • The collections can be seen at OpenSea
  • Sport NFTs are rare in-game items that:
    • Allow users to enhance their Players’ skills
    • Can be collected & traded
    • Rarity:
      • Level 1: increase Experience
      • Level 2: increase experience (more than Level 1) and increase Morale
      • Level 3: increase Experience (more than Level 2) and increase 1 random core skill – Defense, Attack or Physical
      • Level 4: increase Experience (more than Level 3), increase Morale (more than Level 2), and increase 2 random core skills – Defense, Attack or Physical
      • Level 5: increase Experience (more than Level 4), increase Morale (more than Level 4), increase all core skills – Defense, Attack or Physical
  • 3 Sport NFT packages will be available, using Chainlink VRF to ensure randomness:
    • #1 – contains 1 random Sport NFT, $14.85
    • #3 – contains 3 random Sport NFTs, $40.50
    • #5 – contains 5 random Sport NFTs, $60.75
  • Training Card NFTs have various functions that boost bets made with your Player:
    • Improve your team and/or Player
    • Reduce your opponent’s team and/or Player
    • Reduce your opponents winnings
    • Increase your Player’s experience, etc.
    • All players have an upgradable Power Boost that modify a Players’ earning potential when betting
  • All Player skills can be upgraded by “training” players in the Training Center
    • The combination of skills determine a Player’s “Level” from 1 (rookie) to 5 (world star)
    • All players start at Level 1
  • Betting
    • Bet in USDC
    • Win, lose or draw bets
    • Rewards are determined by the outcome of the match, the amount of USDC contributed to the bot, and the Players’ Power Boost
    • Holders of a full team receive a boost when betting



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