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Sep 04 2022

TimePacific Time

8:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 04 2022
  • Time: 11:00 am



DegoVerse Qatar 2022 World Cup Edition Mint

10,000 NFT World Cup players that can be upgraded, sold, traded, used to bet on World Cup match results, vote on governance proposals, or used to complete objectives that reward game items to enhance your player.

  • 3 Player loot boxes will be available, with Chainlink VRF to ensure randomness:
    • #1 – contains 1 random Player NFT, $110
    • #3 – contains 3 random Player NFTs, $300
    • #5 – contains 5 random Player NFTs, $450
  • Player NFTs come with a combination of traits (hair style, tattoos, ethnicity, jersey, etc.) as well as:
    • The country the Player plays for
    • The Player’s position
    • Left or right footed
    • Player’s date of birth
    • Player’s skills range from 0 to 100:
      • Defense
      • Attack
      • Physical
      • Morale
      • Experience (starts at 0)
  • All skills can be upgraded by “training” players in the Training Center
  • The combination of skills determine a Player’s “Level” from 1 (rookie) to 5 (world star)
    • All players start at Level 1
  • All players have an upgradable Power Boost that modify a Players’ earning potential when betting
  • Sport NFTs are rare in-game items that:
    • Allow users to enhance their Players’ skills
    • Can be collected & traded
  • Game Card NFTs have various functions that boost bets made with your Player:
    • Improve your team and/or Player
    • Reduce your opponent’s team and/or Player
    • Reduce your opponents winnings
    • Increase your Player’s experience, etc.
  • Betting
    • Bet in USDC
    • Win, lose or draw bets
    • Rewards are determined by the outcome of the match, the amount of USDC contributed to the bot, and the Players’ Power Boost
    • Holders of a full team receive a boost when betting
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