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Nov 01 2022

TimePacific Time

10:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 01 2022
  • Time: 1:00 pm



Animal Farm V2 Launch

October 24 update – delayed to November 1.

October 21 update – the launch is rescheduled for October 25. A number of changes were made to the protocol that were explained over a voice chat. Please check with the team for a summary, as the docs and pinned have not been updated to reflect the changes.

October 19 update – the launch did not proceed as planned. No new date and time announced.

October 18 update – launch delayed to October 19.

A new version of Animal Farm.

This new version offers new ways to earn dividends with $DOGS and $PIGS and reduces tax based on user loyalty.

  • AFD (DOGS) is the native farm rewards token and AFP (PIGS) is the governance token
  • ❌ DOGS contract is still pending verification also Masterchef contract has not been announced yet
  • PIGS holders will receive 90% of the fee
  • Farm fee of 4%-6%
    • 2% – 3% for deposit
    • 2% – 3% for withdrawal
    • BUSD generated from deposit fees:
      • 25% to buy and add liquidity to DOGS
      • 60% for PigPen dividends
      • 10% for marketing
      • 5% to the team
  • Dynamic Emissions
    • On high buying and staking token demands, the emission rate increase up to 100% and will stay until the price does at least a 25% correction
    • When demand falls a burn mechanism takes place, when it is more significant than its emission rate the algorithm dips to its lowest emission rate
  • Piggy Bank
    • Users can stake PIGS/BUSD LP to earn compound interest, up to 3.00% daily
    • Get extra rewards based on a time lock, bonus multiplier, and referrals
  • DOGS Single Asset Staking
    • Users can stake DOGS and get rewards and loyalty score
    • Token loyalty score
      • Associated with the number of DOGS tokens staked
      • Each day reduces the tax by 0.75%
    • Wallet Loyalty Score
      • Associated with the user’s wallet and transaction behavior over time
      • Decreases your tax, on DOGS, by 2% a month
    • The auto-compounding Dog Pound pool increases users’ loyalty score to 1% per day
    • Taxes
      • The percentage is based on the loyalty score
      • 3% of collected taxes are burned
      • Transacting DOGS starts with a transaction tax of 90% but it can be reduced to as low as 6%, by 0.75% to 1% per day 
      • Taxed transactions: Selling DOGS, transacting with another wallet, and transacting with a non-native staking contract
      • No taxed transactions: Buying DOGS, transacting with native DOGE contracts
      • Swapping DOGS for BUSD and BNB
        • 2/3 is changed for BNB and sent to the DOGS single asset staking as rewards
        • 1/3 is changed for BUSD and forwarded to the PIG PEN as rewards