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Feb 03 2022

TimePacific Time

8:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 03 2022
  • Time: 11:00 am



Animal Farm Liquidity & Farm Launch

February 1 update – the launch will begin with a voice chat in their Telegram at 11am Eastern on February 3, then they’ll do a 15 minute countdown to the liquidity launch, and the farm will start 30 minutes after the liquidity launch.

January 31 update – farm delayed to Feb. 3rd.

Next layer from Manor Farm.

No contracts for review.

The team says they have a Paladin audit but it is not up on the Paladin site yet.

  • Animal Farm is a two token system
    • PIGS is the governance token
      • PIGS can only be farmed with DOGS-BNB, DOGS-BUSD, DRIP-BUSD and DOGS single stake
      • No info on max supply
    • DOGS is the native farm rewards token
      • 6% base take, 3% is sold for BUSD and paid to PIGS stakers, 3% to auto-liquidity
      • 3% additional tax on selling DOGS, all to burn
      • No info on max supply
  • Allocation of L1 liquidity:
    • 60% will be paid out to PIGS stakers
    • 20% will be added to PIGS liquidity through buyback
    • 20% will be added to DOGS liquidity through buyback
  • 3% referral commission
  • Layer 1 participants were able to swap their REV to PIGS and DOGS at a fixed rate, 20% higher than BUSD presale participants
  • Deposit fees (the deposit fees aren’t specified in docs and there are no contracts to check, but Layer 1 had 6% deposit fees for non-native pools, 4%for non-native LPs and 0% for natives)
    • 75% are converted to BUSD and paid as rewards to PIGS single-stake participants
    • 15% to marketing
    • 10% to platform fees
  • Delegated farming proceeds:
    • 30% to buybacks
    • 30% to marketing
    • 30% to development
    • 10% to platform costs
  • Dynamic emissions to adjust the rewards based on price (low price – less rewards, high price – more rewards)
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