Space Misfits: Play-to-Earn MMO Overview

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I learned about Space Misfits from The Bartertown Conglomerate’s YouTube walk-through video (linked above), and wanted to dive in a bit more with a focus on it’s play-to-earn model.

This ecosystem began approximately 2 years ago with a presale in 2019, which funded development. A PVE survival game was released in June 2020, and April 2021 brought the multiplayer sandbox world that’s playable today. June 2021 also brought rogue-like gameplay, where players can progress through levels and receive NFT drops. Like many other gamefi projects, Space Misfits is seeing a recent surge in activity and interest. Here are the basics:


Download the Enjin wallet, you’ll need it to store blueprints, items, avatars, etc.

Download the game – sorry, Windows only. Mac users (like me!) are out of luck.



Transactions such as refueling and buying in-game assets like ships, ammunition, etc. within the game require BITS. BITS is centralized within the game world, i.e. it doesn’t live on the blockchain, but it is backed


SMC is an ERC20 (so it lives on the blockchain, not within the game). BITS earned within the game world will be able to be exchanged for SMC, which will be tradable on dex’s like Uniswap.


Space Misfits is built on Enjin, allowing for affordable in-game transactions. In-game items have a value in ENJ (Enjin’s token), and can be sold on the Enjin Marketplace.


Their FT Blueprints are limited supply, and allow you to purchase instructions for building space ships, turrets and modules (these are weapons for your ships), and once you own the blueprint you can forge the item as many times as you’d like. You will also be able to make and sell copies of the blueprint. Those who purchase a copied blueprint will use more minerals and time to forge the item, but if there are no original blueprints left to purchase in the store for the ship they want, it’ll be their only option.

Right now there are FT blueprints available for several ships and turrets in the Space Misfits shop, but none for modules. Copies can be purchased in-game.


Droids help you accomplish tasks inside the game. There is a limited number of FT Droids available for purchase in the shop, and they have different specialties.

FT Droid owners can clone copies of their droids and sell them on the open market. FT Droid owners also benefit because they don’t lose the droid if their space ship is blown up, whereas cloned droids are consumed and must be repurchased if the space ship they are on is destroyed.

Right now there are no FT Droids available in the Space Misfits Shop, if you want FT Droids, you must purchase from the Enjin Marketplace. Copies can be purchased in-game.


Players can own and operate space stations and outposts and profit from hauling fuel (outposts), and managing logistics, supply lines, selling repair and rebuild services, as well as earning percent of every transaction that takes place in Space Stations.

Right now there are no Space Station, Company Shares or Planet Ownership FT’s available in the shop, if you want FT Space Station or Outpost ownership, you must purchase from the Enjin Marketplace. Copies can be purchased in-game.


You collect telemetry data as you visit new locations in the Space Misfits universe; you can also buy and sell telemetry data on the Enjin Market or with Space Misfits ERC20 token, Space Crown (SMC). Every blueprint requires a specific telemetry data, and to forge the blueprint item you will need the associated telemetry data. You will also need the correct telemetry data to unlock higher levels of your item(s).


Mine materials across pace and sell them in the marketplace.

Right now there are no Mining Turret FT’s available in the shop, if you want FT Mining Turrets, you must purchase from the Enjin Marketplace. Copies can be purchased in-game.


Their download page says to use coupon code “support25” for 25% off Space Misfits Shop purchases.


This is an established project with a long track record, but this latest MMO sandbox version is new enough that you aren’t ages behind folks who played since launch.

Documentation is sparse and outdated, and it appears that there are a lot more add-ons and earning opportunities based on the items available in the Enjin Marketplace that aren’t mentioned in the documentation or wiki. The Telegram group is active and highly engaged, with the dev(s) on hand as well.

If this type of world discovery, multiplayer gameplay appeals to you (and you have a Windows PC), it seems that there’s still opportunity in the ecosystem for new players to thrive.