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  • 24-hour price change data provided by CoinGecko, not all tokens are listed on CoinGecko
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  • An empty cell or a cell with a value of “0” typically means that bond is not available for purchase.

January 24

Removed: Agartha (disappeared), Bablyon (closed)

Added: Paladin DAO, Luxor, Templar Harmony, Asgard AVAX bonds, Whale Loans, Kronos, Atlantis BSC

Edited: Wonderland, to reflect their focus on wMEMO instead of TIME.

January 10

Added: Minotaur Money

Removed: Bourbon DAO (TVL too low) and DeepSea DAO (bonding has been broken for days, no fix in sight, low TVL)

January 8


    • Sierra DAO
    • BeGlobalDAO
    • Nidhi bonds

Removed: Spicy DAO (devs MIA)

January 5

Added Immortal DAO

Removed Wagmi (devs MIA)

January 4


    • Templar DAO’s Moonriver arm
    • Xenophon DAO
    • Dios Finance
    • Life DAO bonds
    • Pirate DAO bonds

Removed (all are dead & dev MIA):

    • Avalps
    • Spirit DAO
    • Swing DAO
    • TornaDAO

January 3

Added Snowbank

January 2


    • Magnet DAO
    • Vesq
    • Proxy
    • Babylon DAO

December 31


    • Fortune DAO
    • Euphoria
    • Lobis
    • Nemesis BSC
    • OneDAO
    • Unus DAO
    • Agartha
    • Cheese DAO

December 30

Added MetaReserve, SwingDAO

December 29

Added links to charts for every project.

Added: Swing DAO, DeepSea DAO

Removed: Giza DAO (DAO voted to distribute the Treasury to holders).

December 28

Added Hunny DAO.

Added to the “Bond Discounts” tab:

    • Klima DAO
    • Hector DAO
    • OtterClam
    • Exodia
    • Vikings Finance
    • Pirate DAO
    • Spirit DAO
    • Vortex DAO
    • Avalps
    • Wagmi FTM
    • Secure DAO
    • TornaDAO
    • Bourbon DAO
    • Hunny DAO


    • Xeus (dev MIA)
    • TaiChi (dev MIA)

December 27

Added links to each project within the table.


    • Klima DAO
    • [REDACTED]
    • Pirate DAO
    • FantOHM bonds


    • Shiba DAO (rug)
    • Ragnarok DAO (closing)

December 26

Added “Bond Discounts” tab.

December 25


    • Spirit DAO
    • Olympus DAO
    • Shiba DAO
    • Wagmi DAO
    • Secure DAO
    • Squid DAO
    • Jade Protocol
    • Metaverse Pro


    • Farmers DAO (hacked / rugged)
    • Snowbear (rugged)