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Oct 08 2022

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10:15 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 08 2022
  • Time: 1:15 pm



XEN Crypto Launch

Launch of a new mining cryptocurrency on Ethereum from Jack Levin of Fair Crypto Foundation.

  • XEN is an ERC-20, free to mint, Proof of Participation (PoP) cryptocurrency
  • XEN has no initial or maximum supply, and is only minted via participation from the community
    • supply is inflationary at the start, and becomes deflationary as adoption increases
  • XEN token’s value is pegged to its difficulty to be minted; similar to Bitcoin – as more people join and participate in minting; the more difficult it is to generate, the more scarce and valuable it becomes
  • To mint new XEN, one must generate their CryptoRank (cRank) – your position relative to the total number of participants (GlobalRank) in the XEN ecosystem
  • To increase the amount of XEN you receive, you indicate the maximum number of days you are willing to wait to claim/mint your XEN (MintTerm), likewise, inviting new people to participate will create more XEN for all participants
  • The maximum MintTerm is capped at 100 days for the first 5000 unique participant addresses, after which, it increases logarithmically as more participants join
  • The amount of free XEN you receive is algorithmically calculated based on factors including; CryptoRank, GlobalRank, MintTerm, Reward Amplifier (AMP), and Early Adopter Amplification factor (EAA)
  • XEN can be claimed/minted within 24 hours after the MintTerm maturity date
  • There is a 7 days claim window, and a penalty is progressively applied each day, until a 100% penalty on day 7
  • Claimed XEN can be staked for a period of 1-1000 days to earn XEN rewards, at a fixed APY beginning at 20%, and decreasing by 1% every 90 days until a fixed 2%
  • Staked XEN can be unstaked at any time without penalties, however APY rewards are not prorated
  • XEN will also be tradeable on DEXes (e.g. SushiSwap, UniSwap)
  • How to participate;
    • Connect your Ethereum wallet
    • Claim your CryptoRank (cRank) with Proof of Participant and choose your MintTerm; how long you can wait to mint XEN
    • At MintTerm maturity, claim/mint your XEN
    • Sell or stake you XEN
  • Information on XEN strategies can be found here
  • XEN calculator can be found here
  • Access to XEN testnets can be found here
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