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Jan 22 2023


11:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 22 2023
  • Time: 6:00 am



TwitFi 2.0 Launch

V2 launch for a tweet-to-earn platform on Ethereum.

  • TwitFi is a platform where users earn native TWT tokens by holding Bird NFTs and tweeting
  • This is the v2 launch with some changes. More information can be found here
  • To get started;
    • Go to TwitFi
    • Connect with your wallet and Twitter account
    • Purchase Bird NFTs from the in-app market or mint and hatch an Egg NFT to a Bird NFT
    • Once setup is complete, just tweet with hashtag #TwitFi from your account on the Twitter app
  • You can buy White Wings and attach them to a Bird NFT, so you do not have to hashtag your tweets to earn TWT
  • Once you tweet, you will earn TWT in 24 hours – a certain percentage of TWT can be withdrawn at any time, the other is locked for 3 months
  • Locked TWT can still be used for transactions in TwitFi (item purchases and mystery basket openings)
  • Withdrawal fee from TwitFi is 50 TWT + 5% of the withdrawal amount
  • TWT tokens can be traded on a DEX (UniSwap); 4.5% sell tax (2.5% is burned and 2% added liquidity)
  • All in-game items and NFT assets can be traded on the in-app market or 3rd-party marketplace; such as OpenSea
  • Birds
    • There are four types of bird NFTs. Each NFT earns a different amount of TWT for each tweet
    • Bird NFTs can be levelled up to increase your earning capacity – TWT is required to level up
    • Items such as Golden beak, Silver beak can be purchased to increase the earning capacity; eg attaching a Golden Beak increases TWT earned to 20x per tweet
    • Beans can be minted to reduce the number of waiting days for the next level by 3 days
    • One account can own multiple Bird NFTs, but can only earn up to 10 Bird NFTs
    • If you own multiple Bird NFTs, each NFT earns from a single tweet
  • Feed
    • Feed is required to earn TWT. ​​Each tweet consumes one feed, and once the feed is gone, you will not earn TWT by tweeting
    • You can store up to 10 Feeds for each NFT. You can increase the storage capacity up to 50 Feeds by purchasing a Feed Box
    • Feeds are automatically refilled at regular intervals, and the amount depends on its level.
    • If a tweet is deleted, the feed consumption does not return and no TWT is earned
  • Virus
    • When you tweet, there is a certain probability that the NFT will become infected with the virus
    • If the NFT becomes infected, you will not earn TWT when you tweet. The infection will automatically go away after 7 days, or you can use Medicine to cure it instantly
    • Herbs can also be purchased to reduce the number of virus infections
    • After 20 virus infections, the NFT is automatically burned
  • $TWT is the utility and rewards token (launched on December 18 2022)
    • Token utility: leveling up NFTs, item purchase
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: TWT
      • ❌ No information available on the supply or distribution
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