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Apr 30 2023


1:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 29 2023
  • Time: 9:00 pm



Sigma Finance Liquidity Launch

April 29 update – the team says launch is delayed as they haven’t raised enough in the presale.

April 26 update – the presale was delayed to April 27, thus delaying the liquidity launch further.

April 25 update – launch delayed to April 27.

Token launch for an asset management and launchpad protocol on zkSync Era.

The launch time has not been announced only that it is on April 26. This time is a placeholder.

No contract available at time of review.

  • Launch Details
    • Token will be listed on SyncSwap
    • Token pair: SIGMA/ETH
    • Listing price: $2
    • Presale price: $2
      • Presale held on Sigma Finance launchpad
      • $SIGMA tokens were only sold during the whitelist/private sale — Price: $2 per SIGMA; Vesting: 15% TGE, then 50 days linear vesting
      • Public sale was for 3,000 Alpha Vaults (locked $SIGMA) — price 0.1 ETH per vault
    • Initial diluted market cap: $2,00,000
    • Initial liquidity: unknown
    • Taxes: 0%
  • Mechanics & Features
    • Users buy “Vaults” with $SIGMA tokens, and earn rewards in $SIGMA
    • There will be 3 types of Vaults: Alpha, Beta and Gamma Vaults, categorised based on the price of the vault, the number of rewards you get, and the tax when you claim your rewards
    • 30% tax on Vault creation
    • 15-20% tax on claiming rewards (depends on the Vault type)
    • Rewards can be claimed every 24 hours
    • Rewards are distributed from the rewards pool, which is funded from Sigma Fund profits and launchpad revenue
      • Sigma fund: 50% of the profits generated by investments in yield farming, early stage projects, and bluechips, will be used to buyback $SIGMA and sent to the reward pool
      • Launchpad: 50% of the revenue generated by launchpad will be used to buyback $SIGMA and sent to the reward pool
    • Sigma Fund is funded from;
      • Vault Creation tax: 20% of the tax on vault creation is sent to the Sigma fund; 10% to Team
      • Rewards Tax: 100% of the tax on claiming rewards is sent to the Sigma Fund
    • $SIGMA is the governance token
    • $SIGMA utility – buy vaults, governance (vote for Sigma Fund investments), staking, receive IDO allocations for launchpad
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: SIGMA
    • Total supply: 1,000,000
      • 25% — Presale
      • 58% — Rewards pool
      • 7.5% — DAO
      • 7.5% — Liquidity
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