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Mar 22 2023


2:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 22 2023
  • Time: 10:00 am


AbandonedPreferred Auditor

Rose Finance Genesis Launch

March 22 update – the team did not re-launch as planned on March 22, and they muted the chat. The person in control of the Twitter account says they are sorry the project rugged, but we haven’t been presented with evidence of the team stealing funds, just the fact that they didn’t follow-through with the re-launch. We are considering this abandoned.

March 21 update – the team was disappointed that the price of ROSE didn’t rise as expected with the debase, and have decided to re-launch a V2 on March 22. Users should unstake from the current genesis contract.

Tomb fork on Arbitrum, using a debasing protocol inspired by EGGS rather than a peg token & OHM-style bonding.

  • Genesis will last for 48 hours, distributing 20,000 ROSE as follows:
    • WETH: 4000 ROSE
    • USDC: 4000 ROSE
    • ROSE-WETH: 12,000 ROSE
  • 1% deposit fee on WETH & USDC, no deposit fee on ROSE-WETH
  • ROSE tokenomics:
    • No max supply of ROSE
      • Initial supply: 1000 ROSE
    • Debases at a rate of 0.00008% per second / 7% per day
    • ROSE can be locked in vaults for rewards
  • RSHARE is the shares token, with a total supply of 55,0000
    • 5000 for the team, vested linearly over 180 days
    • 50,000 for farming rewards over 180 days
  • There is no bond token – on contraction users can instead buy ROSE at a discount with ETH or USDC
    • ROSE obtained via bonding is vested for 5 days
    • The maximum ROSE that can be bonded is:
      • 100 ETH in ROSE and
      • 100,000 USDC in ROSE
      • Once these limits are reached, no more ROSE can be obtained via bonding
    • Bond discounts:
      • 35% for top 5 referrers
      • 25% for 200 whitelisted wallets
      • 15% for the general public
  • 2% referral commission



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