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Jun 25 2022

TimePacific Time

11:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 25 2022
  • Time: 2:00 pm



REX Initial Liquidity Phase Launch

HEX / T2X / AvaRice fork on BSC.

  • This is the launch of the “Initial Liquidity Phase” of the protocol
  • Launch will be in 3-phases:
    • Initial Liquidity Phase
    • Auction Phase
    • Token Launch Phase
  • Tokenomics
    • $REX is the primary staking token
      • $REX is inflationary, has no fixed supply, no pre-minted supply
    • $MREX and $TREX are secondary tokens
      • $MREX has a maximum supply of 10,000
        • A wallet can hold maximum of 5 $MREX
      • $TREX has a maximum supply of 50,000
        • 40,000 – native DEX (initial price is 500 BUSD and rises by 5 BUSD for every 100 $TREX purchased, $TREX can’t be sold)
        • 10,000 – airdropped to TREX CLASSIC holders
        • A wallet can hold maximum of 1 $MREX
    • $MREX holders benefit from boosted auction rewards (10% $REX bonus), higher referral rewards in BUSD (1% per $MREX; max 5% extra bonus), and tax exemptions (0% tax on native stake DEX)
    • $TREX holders benefit from boosted staking rewards (25% bonus), and higher auction contribution limits (100% increase)
  • Mechanics
    • Users will be able to stake (time-lock) their $REX, between 7 days to 3653 days (approx. 10 years), to earn $REX Shares rewards
    • Active Stakes can be split, transferred and traded
      • Users can trade active Stakes on the native “stake DEX”
    • $REX is
      • minted by users and referrers after DAILY AUCTIONS
      • minted by users when ending a stake or withdrawing staking rewards
      • minted by contract when adding liquidity to the PancakeSwap $REX / BUSD LP pair
      • minted by users by claiming the airdrop from REX CLASSIC
    • The supply of $REX (circulating + staked REX) inflates at a constant rate of 12.9% per year
    • $REX can be gotten by:
      • providing liquidity (“Initial Liquidity Phase”)
      • taking part in REX daily auctions (“Auction Phase”)
      • buying from PancakeSwap ($REX / BUSD LP pair)
      • claiming an airdrop as a participant of the predecessor protocol REX CLASSIC
    • Initial Liquidity Phase:
      • Participants benefit by depositing BUSD for the $REX / BUSD LP pair without having to provide the $REX half
      • Minimum contribution: 100 BUSD – only multiples of 100 BUSD will be accepted
      • Maximum contribution per wallet: 500,000 BUSD
      • Total maximum initial liquidity: 10,000,000 BUSD
      • Liquidity phase ends when the Auction phase begins
    • Auction Phase:
      • $REX supply is created and distributed via daily auctions
      • 17,000,000,000 $REX will be claimable/mintable from $REX daily auctions
      • Users “bid” BUSD to receive a portion of the daily $REX allocation
      • Auction contributors can receive $REX bonuses by holding $MREX (2% bonus per $MREX) and also from referrals (10% bonus per referral)
      • Minimum contribution: 100 BUSD
      • Maximum contribution: 50,000 BUSD (per wallet per day)
      • Daily contribution limit can be raised to 100,000 BUSD when holding $TREX
      • $REX received from auctions can be claimed as a “staked $REX” or as “liquid $REX”
        • Auction rewards claimed as staked $REX are eligible for “Random Personal Big Pay Days” — chance to receive 100% of total BUSD invested into the daily auctions
        • Auction $REX Stakes are irrevocable — staking rewards cannot be withdraw and the Stake cannot be closed until the stake is mature. The Stake is however tradable on the native STAKE DEX starting on REX DAY 111
        • $REX rewards must be claimed by REX DAY 259 or it is lost
        • Auction phase will last for 222 days
    • Token Launch Phase:
      • $REX will be able to be purchased from Pancakeswap
      • Trading Pair: $REX/BUSD
      • Listing price: 0.000139997 BUSD / $REX
      • There will be no token presale
      • Holders of the previous token from REX CLASSIC protocol will be airdropped new $REX tokens, as staked $REX (receive minimum of 10% extra bonus) or liquid $REX
  • Security
    • This is a new contract re-deployment after the previous contract had to be migrated due to a bug
    • The new contract is currently being audited by Certik, at the time of this post that audit is not complete yet
    • There is no contract available yet for public review
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