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Jul 02 2022

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2:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 02 2022
  • Time: 5:00 am



RevoLand Pet & Skin Mystery Box Mint

New MOBA & Battle Royale P2E game launch on BSC.

  • Game Mechanics
    • RevoLand is a multi-player, battle arena game
    • Players form a team, battle with others and earn token rewards
    • Participating in bounty battles requires owning a Heroes NFT
    • Each Hero NFT is tradable in the native marketplace
    • Each Hero is categorized by its rarity – Normal, Rare or Epic
    • Heroes with a higher rarity have more unique playstyles, abilities and will have a chance to get bonuses in battle rewards
    • Players start with 3 Normal (level 1) Heroes for free – these are not tradeable. Premium Heroes can be unlocked from Mystery boxes; purchasable from the secondary marketplace with $REVO
    • Players can level up Heroes from level 1 to level 10 by participating in battles or upgrading with $LAND
    • After each bounty battle, Heroes earn $LAND rewards, based on the match results and the rarity and level of the Hero
    • Players can also participate in ranked matches to earn $LAND rewards
    • There are 6 gameplay modes, namely, 4 teamwork modes and 2 solo modes
    • Players can earn $LAND by;
      • participating in battles
      • trading $LAND P2P in the market
      • trading NFTs in the marketplace
      • renting Heroes NFTs
      • streaming games
  • REVO is the governance and functional utility token
  • REVO can be used to buy mystery boxes to get pets and skins
  • For Skin Mystery Boxes:
    • Normal Skin Box = $100 worth of REVO each
    • Rare Skin Box = $300 worth of REVO each
    • ❌ No info on price of Epic Skin Box
  • For Pet Mystery Boxes:
    • Normal Pet Box = $100 worth of REVO each
    • Rare Pet Box = $300 worth of REVO each
    • ❌ No info on price of Epic Pet Box
  • LAND is the in-game currency; earned by playing the game, used to purchase Mystery Boxes and reward streamers when they broadcast games – with a total supply of 100,000,000,000

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