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Nov 12 2023


11:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 12 2023
  • Time: 6:00 pm



Relay Presale

Presale on Arbitrum.

OTC trading protocol on Arbitrum. 3% tax at launch, decreasing over time, and 47% of supply unlocked.

Relay, an innovative DeFi tool, redefines P2P OTC trading for a seamless and secure experience. With advanced architecture and cutting-edge technology, Relay empowers users to privately exchange a wide range of Ethereum-based tokens, including ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens, with the simple setup of a trade and sharing the generated URL. By utilizing Relay, users navigate around slippage and price fluctuations, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free trading process. With a focus on user experience, Relay puts your needs first. In addition to providing comprehensive support for all Erc-20 and Erc-721 tokens, Relay is guided by a visionary mission: to enhance liquidity for veTokens. The challenge associated with illiquid vote-escrowed tokens in decentralized governance has been a persistent concern. Relay, however, is poised to redefine this narrative by introducing a seamless Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading solution. **The Crucial Challenge Addressed** Relay effectively addresses a critical pain point in the realm of veTokens. Sellers of veTokens, traditionally held in escrow for governance purposes, now have immediate access to liquidity. This groundbreaking development empowers veToken holders to unlock the intrinsic value of their assets without the constraints of waiting for lockup periods to expire. Immediate liquidity opens up a realm of possibilities for sellers, facilitating access to funds for diverse purposes. **Empowering Voting Power** For buyers, Relay offers a distinctive opportunity to acquire veTokens at below-market prices. This affords them the ability to accumulate more voting power within decentralized governance structures at a cost-efficient rate. By providing buyers with access to these assets at favorable rates, Relay contributes to a more decentralized and inclusive distribution of voting power. **Enhancing Confidence and Liquidity** Relay’s impact extends beyond immediate user benefits, actively contributing to bolstering confidence in the veToken asset class. The capability to access liquidity on-demand not only incentivizes greater user participation in veToken governance but also attracts additional liquidity to the market. **Overall Advantages for DeFi** The innovative approach adopted by Relay, resulting in newfound liquidity and confidence, has the potential to create a virtuous cycle. Increased participation and liquidity, in a reciprocal manner, reinforce the value and significance of veTokens within decentralized ecosystems, attracting a broader spectrum of participants and resources. Relay stands as a pivotal force in reshaping the landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) by fostering an environment of liquidity, inclusivity, and confidence within the veToken ecosystem.
  • Presale details
    • Presale will be held on GemPad
    • Duration: 2 day(s), 1 hour(s)
    • Hard cap: 65 ETH
    • Soft cap: 50 ETH
    • Minimum contribution: 0.08 ETH per wallet
    • Maximum contribution: 5 ETH per wallet
    • Presale rate: 1 ETH = 219,780 RLY
    • Listing rate: 1 ETH = 200,000 RLY
    • Listing on: Uniswap
    • 51% of the presale funds will be added to liquidity
    • Liquidity lock: 30 days
  • Tokenomics
    • RLY is the native token
    • Total supply: 50,000,000 RLY
      • 14,285,700 – presale
      • 6,630,000 – liquidity
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