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Jun 15 2022

TimePacific Time

1:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 15 2022
  • Time: 4:00 pm


ActiveApeOClock KYC

Raging Bull Finance Boardroom Launch

New Tomb fork on Avalanche with Ape O’Clock KYC. Telegram user @gotbuds13 successfully completed the KYC process on June 15.

They are not using a genesis pool, and instead held a presale for the algo-stable token.

  • Stake BULLSHARE in the boardroom for BULLUSD rewards
    • 2% tax on on staking
    • No unstake fee if the protocol is in expansion, and 5% if it is contracting
  • During expansion, newly minted BULLUSD is distributed as follows:
    • 40% to the boardroom
    • 40% to the DAO
    • 10% to insurance
    • 10% to development and marketing
  • BULLUSD is the algo-stable, pegged to USDC.e
    • Initial supply: 2,000,000
      • 150,000 for the presale
        • Presale price: $1 per BULLUSD, the presale sold out
      • 100,000 for liquidity
      • 1,750,000 for the DAO
  • BULLSHARE is the shares token, with a max supply of 100,000
    • 20,000 for the DAO
    • 7500 for insurance
    • 12,500 for development and marketing
    • 50,000 for farming rewards
  • BULLBOND is the bonding token
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Ape O’Clock KYC uses a rigorous, AML and KYC regulatory compliant identity verification process to ensure the accuracy of the identification information submitted to us.

In the event of a rugpull or “hack,” Ape O’Clock will submit the KYC’d individual’s information to law enforcement in the city / country of the KYC’d party. Ape O’Clock will NEVER reveal the KYC party’s identity to the public.

KYC is another signal to evaluate when doing your own research, but again, it does not guarantee project safety or a recovery of funds in the event of a rugpull. For more information on Ape O’Clock KYC, click here.