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Feb 02 2022

TimePacific Time

4:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 02 2022
  • Time: 7:00 pm



Prometheus DAO Community Sale

February 28 update – the website and socials were deleted, they rugged.

OHM-like fork on Polygon, with NFT governance & staking rewards and a P2E MMORPG game roadmapped.

No website yet, I’m linking you to their Gitbook.

  • They will be selling Alpha Centauri NFTs
    • Each NFT grants 1:100 aPMD (their token)
    • NFTs act as a governance token
    • NFT holders will be eligible for tiered staking rewards, the more NFTs you have, the higher your tier and the higher your rebase reward
    • Top Alpha Centauri holders (determined via a snapshot) will receive whitelist access to their Aberration collection of NFTs; Aberration NFT holders receive secured allocations and airdrops for the roadmapped gaming metaverse, access to rare items and membership areas in the metaverse, and private access to future funding / whitelist opportunities
  • They haven’t settled on a price yet, it’ll be somewhere from $300 – $500, but they have decided on the price difference between tiers
  • Avant sale (approx 500 whitelist spots) on February 1
    • Price: 150 MATIC
    • 15,000 Alpha Centauri NFTs available
  • Community sale (approx 1000 whitelist spots) on February 3
    • Price: 1.2x MATIC
    • 10,000 Alpha Centauri NFTs available
  • Public sale on January 30 (the day this event is set for)
    • 1.6x MATIC
    • 17,500 Alpha Centauri NFTs available
  • Max 50 NFTs minted per wallet
  • <2% royalties for secondary sales
  • During the public sale, a FRAX-aPMD pool will be deployed for those who prefer to purchase the token directly
  • aPMD listing price will be determined by the amount of MATIC contributed during the Avant and Community sales
  • Total supply of aPMD is 6,000,000
    • 25% to Avants sale
    • 16.7% to community sale
    • 29.2% to public sale
    • 12.5% to treasury
    • 8.3% to airdrop staking
    • 7.4% to liquidity
    • 0.9% to team

No date / time for the protocol launch has been announced yet.



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