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Feb 03 2023


11:30 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 03 2023
  • Time: 6:30 am



Primal Titanium AI NFT Sale

A collection of 500 fighters on BSC, for a fitness app that combines athlete fan token system + move-to-earn mechanics.

  • Launch Details
    • Mint will be held on Primal website, here
    • Sale will be with $PRIMAL tokens on BSC, but distribution will be on Ethereum; 24 hour after sale ends
    • Mint price: 125,000 $PRIMAL
    • Supply: 500
    • First come, first serve
    • Maximum mint per wallet: None
    • Sale will be open for 120 hours & full refund on purchased NFTs available after 30 days
    • PRIMAL NFTs can be traded on the in-app marketplace
  • NFT Utilities & Benefits
    • NFT is required to enable Primal’s app Move2Earn functions
    • Titanium AI NFTs earn more as you train more
  • About Primal
    • PRIMAL is a fitness app connecting users and athletes – 250+ onboarded athletes
    • App is available to download on Android and iOs
    • App is integrated with Apple, Fitbit, Whoop and other fitness devices
    • Athletes can issue AFTs (Athlete Fan Tokens) to provide access to private communities (Inner Circles), training tutorials and courses, meal plans, challenges, and build a connection with fans
    • Move-to-earn mechanics where users can earn token rewards from workouts
    • Buy and stake $PRIMAL tokens to gain access to benefits such as; staking yield, free & exclusive PRIMAL NFTs, marketplace trading fee discounts, inner circle access, activate earnings
    • PRIMAL NFTs can be traded on the in-app marketplace
    • Purchase physical & digital goods from athletes & brands using credit cards via fiat onramp or $PRIMAL
    • $ENRGY is the reward token
    • $PRIMAL is the governance utility token
      • Token utility – staking,  subscribe to athlete’s Inner Circles, in-app purchases and governance
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