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Oct 20 2021

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5:00 pm

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  • Date: Oct 20 2021
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Plants vs Undead Factory Chain Fair Launch & Assets Cloning

NFT farming and siege game Plants vs Undead is transitioning from their current home on BSC to their proprietary chain, which they are calling Factory Chain (Twitter / Telegram).

Farm mode and player vs enemy will continue to live on BSC. Player vs player will reside on FAC (Factory Chain).

The PVU token will fair launch on Factory Chain on October 21 at 00:00 UTC (the time this launch is set to) and will be called FPVU to differentiate it from BSC PVU. They have not provided instructions on onboarding to Factory Chain, but say they will “soon.”

Existing assets that will be cloned to Factory Chain:

  • Plants on your farm
  • Plants in your inventory
  • Claimed seeds
  • Growing seeds

Assets that will not be cloned to Factory Chain:

  • Plants in the marketplace
  • Land
  • Banned assets
  • Unclaimed seeds

Cloning of assets to FAC will take 24 – 48 hours.

Plants that are cloned to FAC cannot be sold in the Marketplace. Plants that remain in BSC Farm Mode can be sold / bought in the marketplace once the cloning process is complete.

1 week after the cloning process is complete, they will open beta testing for the PVP game mode on FAC.



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