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Jul 01 2022

TimePacific Time

10:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 01 2022
  • Time: 1:00 pm



Owloper Mint

A collection of 2,222 owls on Avalanche.

  • Mint Details
    • Mint will take place on the Joepegs launchpad, here
    • No WL round, public only
    • Mint price: 2 AVAX
    • Mint Limit: 5 NFTs per wallet
    • 10% of mint funds are allocated to liquidity pool
  • Roadmapped Mechanics
    • Owloper holders earn daily $OWL rewards by staking Owloper NFT
    • Unlisted Owloper NFTs benefit from surprise airdrops
    • Owloper NFTs and $OWL will be used for breeding Baby Owlopers
    • Baby Owlopers can be sent on hunting missions to earn $OWL rewards
    • Stake $OWL to earn $RPT rewards
    • $OWL can also be swapped for $RPT at a 1:18 ratio
    • $RPT is used to feed Baby Owlopers to increase hunting efficiency and earn higher $OWL rewards
    • Owl eggs and hatched Owloper Baby will be tradable on the secondary markets
    • $OWL will also be used to mint NFT Projects that will be released on Owloper Launchpad
  • Tokenomics
    • $OWL is the governance token
      • Unlimited supply, tradable on exchanges ($OWL / AVAX pair)
      • Daily emission: 6110.5 $OWL (2.75 $OWL / NFT)
      • Initial $OWL distribution
        • 100,000 – Airdrop
        • 500,000 – Initial Liquidity
        • 100,000 – Team & Development (locked for 2 years)
    • $RPT is the in-game utility token
      • Deflationary, and not sold on exchanges
      • Total supply: 12,000,000,000 $RPT
  • Roadmap includes launch of a NFT launchpad and P2E game



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Paid promotion. Always do your own research and use risk management.