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Jan 12 2023


3:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 12 2023
  • Time: 10:00 am



Oath of Peak Game Launch

MMORPG fantasy P2E game on Polygon.

The exact launch time has not been announced, only that it is on January 12.

  • Launch Details
    • Oath of Peak is a fantasy MMORPG game where players explore, battle, befriend pets, monsters and other like-minded adventurers
    • To participate;
      • create an account on yeehagames
      • you need to purchase/own a NFT to play the game
      • login and click on ‘my NFT’ (top right) and then bind your NFT into the game
      • open the game and open the ‘friends’ menu
      • check your inbox and claim a Primordial Spirit Beasts (PSB)
  • Game Mechanics & Features
    • The game will be available on mobile and PC platforms
    • Game assets include;
      • Spirit Benders: game characters that embark on adventures. Spirit Benders are categorised into 5 classes, each unique in its progression and combat specializations
      • Spirit Beasts: companion pets of Spirit Benders, which they can seal, breed, befriend, nurture and take along the journey. Each Spirit Beast has an Intelligence stat – the higher intelligence, the higher rank (Primordial Spirit Beasts (PSB) are the most powerful and can be staked to earn $OOP, also they produce Shells at a higher rate than regular Spirit Beasts)
      • Equipment: can be enhanced to improve their base stats
      • Shells: in-game currency, earned via; monster drops, selling items, quest rewards, Spirit Beast mining. Shells can be used to acquire equipment, upgrades, crafting materials, resources, and can be traded on the Shell Market
    • Players can collect and breed Spirit Beasts, trade in-game assets, buy property and build a home on Mount Huanming, or chill with friends while fishing for rare aquatic creatures
    • Players can purchase, build and furnish their property in the in-game shop
    • Players can use Magic Arrays to strengthen their Spirit Bender and add attribute bonuses to their Spirit Bender and Spirit Beasts
    • Players can join a guild or create their own, play solo, or with other adventurers
    • $PKTK is the utility token (launched on January 2, 2023)
      • can be obtained by; Shells exchange, traded on third-party exchanges
      • Token utility: exchanged for in-game Peak Tokens (gPKTK) at a 1:1 ratio, and can then be used to purchase items in the Peak shop
    • $OOP is the governance token
      • can be obtained by; Staking Primordial Beast NFTs, traded on third-party exchanges, rewards from participating in various events
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: PTKP
    • Total supply: 500,000,000
      • 87% — Game rewards (released based on players’ rate of production)
      • 5% — Ecosystem fund (20% at TGE, 4 months linear vesting)
      • 5% — Liquidity reserves (unlocks when necessary)
      • 3% — DEX liquidity (100% at TGE)
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