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Jan 16 2023


1:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 16 2023
  • Time: 8:00 am



Neutra Finance Auction Presale

Token presale for an automated investment strategy protocol on Arbitrum.

  • Presale Details
    • Presale will be held on Camelot DEX launchpad, and will last for 3 days or until sold out
    • Purchase currency: USDC
    • Presale will use an auction mechanism; price starts at $0.33 and continuously increases after the first $200K has been reached
    • At the end of the sale, everyone will receive the same final price
    • Initial presale price: $0.33
    • Listing price: final price of auction
    • Vesting: 100% at launch (50% will be distributed in NEU and 50% in esNEU)
    • No soft cap
    • Presale token allocation: 600,000 NEU
    • No minimum or maximum buy
    • Initial circulating market cap: $288,090
    • Any user can refer to earn 3% (in USDC) of referred user’s presale contributions
    • Presale funds allocation;
      • 40% to seed $NEU liquidity
      • 30% distributed to core contributors
      • 30% to the treasury used for POL, marketing, future audits, community rewards, and operation
        • 10% used to buyback NEU tokens (at a max cap of 10% of the initial presale price), if the price falls below the listing price, within 48 hours after launch
    • Taxes: 0%
    • Token is scheduled to be listed on January 20
  • Mechanics & Features
    • Neutra Finance creates risk-hedged, automated investment strategies
    • Users can deposit into the strategy vaults and earn yield
    • The vaults uses automated bots to rebalance and optimize returns by minimizing losses resulting from price effect and impermanent loss
    • Fee struture;
      • management fee (2% of TVL yearly)
      • performance fee (20% of APR)
    • 50% of the fees will be distributed $NEU/esNEU stakers, 50% allocated for operational expense
    • $NEU is the utility and governance token
      • NEU stakers earn a share of protocol fees, esNEU rewards and fee boosters
    • $esNEU (escrowed NEU) is non-liquid and non-transferable NEU, which can be;
      • staked to receive the same rewards as a regular NEU token (fees, esNEU, fee boosters)
      • vested for 12 months to become actual NEU tokens
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: NEU
    • Total supply: 6,000,000
      • 10% — Presale (unlokced)
      • 37% — Treasury
      • 35% — esNEU rewards
      • 10% — Core contributors
      • 5% — Partnerships
      • 3% — Advisors
      • ❌ No information available on the token vesting
    • No taxes



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Paid promotion. Always do your own research and use risk management.