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Nov 09 2021

TimePacific Time

6:15 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 09 2021
  • Time: 9:15 am



MummySwap Farm Launch

November 9 update – it launched at about 2pm UTC today, but they found masterchef tx’s weren’t excluded from burn which causes stakers to lose about 40% of their tokens with every pair/stake/unstake. They will be removing all MUMMY pools and adding partner pools, so people can earn MUMMY but not stake it.

November 8 update – the team is delaying the launch 48 hours, which would make it begin November 10. No further details in exact time etc.

November 7, 7:50am UTC update – the token is still owned by a wallet, not the masterchef.

New farm launch. The masterchef has not been made public yet and the token is currently owned by a wallet.

  • Total supply: 5,000,000 MUMMY
  • 0.1 MUMMY / second according to the homepage, 0.5 MUMMY / second according to docs
  • The Medium says MUMMY will deflate at 0.05 MUMMY / second, but there is no explanation on how it achieves this deflation
  • There is a transfer tax according to the Medium, but neither Telegram nor docs specify what that tax is or where it goes
  • MUMMY will be swappable 1:1 for PHARAOH in the future, which will be a governance token, and MUMMY will be the only way to get PHARAOH