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Jul 15 2022

TimePacific Time

5:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 15 2022
  • Time: 8:00 am



Mones Mainnet Launch

NFT hero fighting P2E game on BSC.

They have not announced a time for the launch, only that it is on July 15. This time is a placeholder.

  • Heroes can be obtained via their marketplace, here
  • Heroes have:
    • 1 of 6 elements that effect performance: Fire, Earth, Dark, Light, Water or Wind
    • 1 of 3 classes the effect the battle style and stats: Warrior, Hunter, or Mage
    • 1 normal attack
    • 2 skills
    • 1 ultimate skill (unlocked when the hero reached 4 stars)
    • 5 Primary stats: Health, Attack, Magical Defense, Defense, and Resistance
    • Star rating of 1 to 6, a higher original star value receive more stat growth when evolving
    • Level 1 – 30, and can be leveled up using XP obtained in Adventure Mode
    • Rarity (from least rare to most rare): B, B+, A, R, and SR
    • 6 equipment slots: Weapon, Armor, Gloves, Shoes, Necklace, and Ring
      • Equipment rarity levels, from least rare to most rare: Normal Magic, Rare, Hero, Legend, Mythic, Immortal
      • Normal & Magic equipment can be obtained in Adventure Mode
      • Higher rarity equipment must be crafted or purchased in the marketplace
  • There are 4 game modes:
    • Adventure Mode
      • PVE through stages to earn rewards
      • Entering an adventure requires stamina, and higher stages require more stamina to enter
      • Stages can be completed more than once to earn additional rewards
    • Arena Mode
      • You must clear Adventure Mode Starziz Chapter 1 2-10 to be able to play in Arena Mode
      • PVP mode
      • Arena seasons last 2 weeks, rewards of $MONES and Trophies are collected based on your overall rank at the end of the season
    • Twin Towers Mode
      • You must clear Adventure Mode Starziz Chapter 1 1-10 to be able to play in Twin Towers Mode
      • You must use Quartz to enter the Towers
      • Each Tower has 10 floors
      • Towers reward players in Monster Soul Stone, Magic Stone, Metal Fragments, Craft Stone, Skill Stone
      • You cannot re-enter floors you have already completed until the Tower resets
    • Dungeon Mode
      • You must clear Adventure Mode Starziz Chapter 1 3-10 to be able to play in Dungeon Mode
      • Players get 1 free entry every day
      • Dungeon mode rewards Elemental Cores and Super Cores needed for evolving your hero
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