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Sep 09 2022

TimePacific Time

1:20 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 09 2022
  • Time: 4:20 pm



LooksWhale 69 Mint

LooksWhale is releasing its first collection 69 on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • 0.0069 ETH to the public
  • 0.0042 ETH to the degenlisted
  • Free to the whitelisted
  • Total supply of 6969 whales
  • Minting will take place on LooksWhale’s website
  • The contract has been released, and you can find it on Etherscan
  • In terms of allocation, as per their website:
    • There are 699 whales reserved for those who are whitelisted
    • There were 5069 NFTs reserved for those who are degenlisted
    • After talking to the team, they said that they have more than 26,000 people on that list, so the remaining whales are also allocated to the degenlisted
    • Note that on their website, it says that 1269 NFTs are allocated for public sale. This information must be wrong. Otherwise, there would be 7037 whales instead of the 6969 that is written on the contract
  • Mint will have two stages:
    • Whitelist and degenlist mint starts at the same time, at 8:20 pm UST
    • Public sale will only happen if the collection doesn’t sell out
  • Maximum mint per wallet:
    • 1 to the whitelisted
    • 2 to the degenlisted
  • The team has expressed their intentions of revealing the NFTs one hour after 100% mint
  • Funds distribution:
    • 15 ETH will be added to their Treasure Chests liquidity pool
    • The remaining funds will be distributed to the core team
  • The first Treasure Chest will be activated 69 minutes (1 hour and 9 minutes) after the end of mint
  • These Treasure Chests have algorithmic mechanisms that, when burned, multiply the value of such Chest from 0% to 300% on a roulette type of game
  • There are 5 different Treasure Chests:
    • Classic Chest
    • K’Beard Chest
    • Whaler Chest
    • Threado Guyo’s Chest
    • Saylor Chest
  • Treasure chests have a 70% win rate and 30% loss rate, as per their website
  • The team will release a manifesto about the Treasure Chests after the first one gets activated
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