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Oct 28 2021

TimePacific Time

1:45 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 28 2021
  • Time: 4:45 pm



Liquid Collectibles Public Sale

Liquid Collectibles aims to tokenize NFTs, so that users can purchase tokens and turn them into NFTs, pair the tokens with BNB and provide liquidity for the NFT collection, farm with the LPs, and sell the actual NFTs for the tokens.

They are partnered with ApeSwap.

No contracts available yet.

  • Public sale participants will receive 75% LICO (governance token, can be staked for rewards, and is the incentive for users to provide liquidity for NFT indexes launched on Liquid Collectibles) and 25% LIMO (the NFT index token for the first NFT collection offered, called Liquid Monsters, used for purchasing Liquid Monsters NFTs and to provide liquidity and yield)
  • Public sales lasts 48 hours, using the Overflow Model
  • Once the public sale ends, 25% of your allocation will be available immediately, 50% at day 15, 75% at day 30 and 100% at day 45
  • LICO
    • 10,000,000 available in the presale
    • 200,000,000 max supply
    • $0.1 each
  • LIMO
    • 333,000 available in the presale
    • 666,000 max supply
    • $1.50 each
  • Total raise: $1,500,000 in BNB
  • Listing prices of both LICO and LIMO will be the same as the public sale price

Liquidity provision on October 30.