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Dec 02 2021

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6:05 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Dec 02 2021
  • Time: 9:05 am



LemonSwap Farm Launch

New farm launch.

Docs and URLs in the docs are copy/pasted from PolyYork / GoldenYork, which was a fail farm that the devs / owners attempted to sell, then deleted the socials and offered no more support / marketing etc. for the investors. They were KYC’d by RugDoc but RugDoc’s opinion was that the PolyYork teams’ actions were not malicious and as such RugDoc did not pursue action against the KYC’d team.

The docs linked from PolyYork.farm, https://docs.polyyork.farm/ , redirect to the LemonSwap docs at https://docs.lemonswap.space/

LemonSwap is hosted at Fozzy.com, which also hosts PolyYork.

The LemonSwap deployer on BSC was funded by the same Ascendex hot wallet as the wallet that funded the PolyYork fees address.

  • Max supply isn’t specified
  • 0.02 LEMON / block
  • 4% deposit fee for non-natives, 0% for natives
    • 40% to buyback and burn
    • 60% to dev, marketing and infrastructure
    • 100% to buyback and burn on new pools
  • No harvest lockup
  • No transfer tax

Presale on November 29.

Liquidity provision on December 1.