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Sep 01 2022

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 01 2022
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Legends of Aria Liquidity Launch

August 26. – launch date moved to September 1, to align their DEX and CEX listing times.

New token launch on Solana.

Legends of Aria is a fully-developed MMORPG released on Steam in 2020, that is in the process of moving on-chain.

❌ No contract released yet, at time of review.

  • Mint Details
    • Token launch on Raydium DEX, here, and Bitmart simultaneously
    • Listing price: $0.035
    • Token sale rounds (see tokenomics for vesting schedule)
      • Seed round price: $0.015
      • Private sale price: $0.025
      • Public sale / IDO price: $0.035
    • Initial market cap: $458,500
    • Taxes: 0% buy /0% sell
  • Tokenomics
    • $ARIA is the governance and utility token
    • Deflationary burning mechanism — all $ARIA used in-game will be burnt
    • Total supply: 639,500,000 $ARIA
      • 7.8% — Seed (4 months cliff, then 4% monthly until month 10, then 5% monthly)
      • 6.3% — Private sale (3 months cliff, then 5% monthly until month 11, then 10% monthly)
      • 4.7% — Public sale / IDO (15% TGE, then 17% monthly)
      • 11% — Game rewards (0% TGE, then 2% monthly until month 11, then 4% monthly until month 16, then 5% monthly)
      • 11.5% — Staking rewards (0% TGE, then 2% monthly)
      • 11% — Team (1 year cliff, then 5% monthly)
      • 21.1% — Treasury (0% TGE, then 5% monthly until month 9, then 10% monthly)
      • 21.1% — Ecosystem fund (1 year cliff, then 5% monthly)
      • 3.1% — Advisors (6 months cliff, then 5% monthly)
      • 2.5% — Liquidity (50% TGE, then 25% monthly)
  • Game Mechanics
    • Legends of Aria (LoA) Character is required to play the game
    • Players can own lands, build virtual homes, and explore the mythical world of Celador to acquire gold (in-game currency) and highly collectible and rare in-game NFT items that can be sold on the marketplace
    • Players earn $ARIA tokens by winning certain competitions or in-game events
    • Token utility — $ARIA is used for staking, as marketplace currency, DAO voting, participating in community events, and in the in-game store
    • NFT marketplace — NFT characters and in-game assets (e.g. weapons & armour, house deeds, pets) can be minted as an NFT and resold on the LoA NFT marketplace
    • Players can engage in player-vs-player (PvP) combat system; attacking opposing team’s castle to acquire their valuables
    • Players can acquire pets to help in PvP combat or help conquer other monsters. Pets can be resold on the marketplace or they can be bred together to create more powerful allies
    • NFT Merging & Mating — characters and pets can be mated to boost their skills; items can be merged to form more powerful gear
    • NFT deflationary mechanism — players can enhance the attributes of any weapon or wearable item by sacrificing (burn) their NFT characters
    • Other features such as custom housebuilding, in-game gambling with gold, large-scale PvP battles, and more, will be added
    • Game will generate revenue via NFT sales, NFT marketplace fee, character server transfers, in-app purchases, in-game advertising
  • Roadmap includes launch of staking program, NFT marketplace, Creator program, PC version launch in-game store launch, and many more.


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Paid promotion. Always do your own research and use risk management.