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Jan 15 2023


7:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jan 15 2023
  • Time: 2:00 pm



Hornet Swap Presale

Token presale for a DEX with a trader shares marketplace on Arbitrum.

No contracts available at time of review.

  • Presale Details
    • Presale will be held on the Hornet Swap dApp and will last for 24 hours, or until sold out
    • Presale rate: 1 HRT/ETH
      • Presale vesting: 100% at token launch
    • Whitelist rate: 1.3 HRT/ETH
    • Listing rate: unknown
    • Minimum buy: $100 worth in ETH
    • Maximum buy: $1K worth in ETH
    • Presale allocation: 75,000 HRT
    • Unsold tokens will be burnt
    • Initial circulating market cap: unknown
    • Initial liquidity: 75% of presale funds
    • Taxes: 0%
    • Token is scheduled to be listed on Uniswap, 24 hours after presale ends
  • Mechanics & Features
    • Hornet Swap is a spot and perpetual DEX + a trader shares marketplace
    • Users can short or long a token or a trader’s value within the DEX, provide liquidity
    • Liquidity Providers will receive $HLP token (index of assets), which can be staked to earn a share of platform fees
    • Traders will be able to tokenize their shares
    • Users can purchase trader’s shares and shareholders will earn a part of a traders’ profit and loss (PnL) as defined by the trader
    • Value of these tokens is tied to the performance of the trader
    • Traders have the option to adjust the percentage earnings that shares holders will receive, subject to fee
    • Traders and traders shareholders will receive a share of the fees earned from trades; opening and closing long/short
    • Users will also be able to bet on the monthly / weekly / daily performance of the trader
    • User’s bet will be placed into a shared pool that will be re-distributed as rewards
    • 70% of the shared pool is re-distributed to HLP rewards, 10% to the protocol and 30% to VeHornet rewards
    • $HRT is the native rewards token
    • $veHORNET is an illiquid and non-transferable token
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: HRT
    • Total supply: 450,000 
      • 75,000 — Presale (unlocked)
      • 125,000 — Liquidity
      • 95,000 — Reward for traders
      • 75,000 — Vault & farm staking
      • 55,000 — VC, advisors, partnerships
      • 25,000 — Team
    • No taxes
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