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Mar 12 2022

TimePacific Time

10:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 12 2022
  • Time: 1:00 pm



Hoppers Game & Liquidity Launch

NFT staking game on Avalanche.

  • Stake Hopper NFTs (total supply: 10,000, they minted from 1.2 AVAX – 1.75 AVAX each) in Adventures to earn FLY
    • Tier 1 – no minimum pperslevel or attributes required
    • Tier 2 – level 10 or higher, and a minimum of 5 strength and 5 intelligence
    • Tier 3 – level 15 or higher, and a minimum of 5 agility, 5 vitality and 5 intelligence
    • Tier 4 – level 20 or higher, and a minimum of 5 agility, 5 vitality, 5 intelligence and 5 strength
  • Stake Hoppers in the Breeding area and it may generate a tadpole, based on the Hoppers fertility attribute
    • Breeding costs 10 FLY
    • Higher level Hoppers have a higher chance of generating a tadpole
    • Tadpoles are tradable NFTs and will be used in the next stage of the game
  • Each Hopper has 5 randomly assigned attributes and a level which determine how much FLY each Hopper can earn
    • Levels can be increased by feeding them FLY
    • Hoppers can be purchased via their in-house marketplace, here
  • No max supply of FLY
    • FLY is burnt when:
      • Changing a Hopper’s name
      • Leveling up Hoppers
      • Breeding
      • Rebirthing a maxed-out Hopper
      • Overflow of emissions past the Hopper’s level cap
  • Stake FLY to generate veFLY at a 1:100 ratio; veFLY is the governance token, and vote on bonus emissions for adventures, increased emissions for Hoppers with certain attributes, etc.



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