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Oct 29 2021

TimePacific Time

8:45 am

Your Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 29 2021
  • Time: 11:45 am



Hermes Defi Apollo Farm Launch

New layer from Hermes Defi.

  • Max supply 500,000 APOLLO
  • 3% transfer tax, 2% to the Bank (dividends pools) and 1% to burn
  • Only native LP farming, with APOLLO or IRIS (previous layer token)
  • Emissions begin at 4.1 APOLLO / block for the first 15 minutes, then 4 / block for two hours, then 0.4 / block for the first week, 0.5 for the second week ad 0.6 / block for the third week
  • 4% deposit fee for non-native farms, 3% for non-native vaults and 0% for natives for the first 2 hours and 15 minutes of farming
  • 3% deposit fee for non-natives farms and vaults and 0% for natives for the remaining life of the farm
  • 25% performance fee on vaults which funds the Bank, and 0.75% performance fee that is a commission to the team
  • Stake APOLLO in the Bank and earn IRON, partner tokens, blue chips (WETH, MATIC, etc.), and a lottery ticket
  • After staking in Vaults you get a “God Token” representing your deposited LPs, these God Tokens can be deposited in the GodStake pools for further rewards
  • NFTs will give holders access to a boost pool in L2 & L3

Liquidity launches on October 28.