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Aug 31 2022

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2:30 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 31 2022
  • Time: 5:30 am



Goons of Balatroon Liquidity Launch

September 1 update – there’s about $21k in liquidity on Polygon, and $34k on Ethereum.

August 30 update – the token was supposed to launch on Uniswap on Polygon. Due to Uniswap on Polygon’s low liquidity, they have decided instead to provide liquidity on Uniswap on Ethereum. Presale participants will claim their tokens on Polygon, and can bridge to Ethereum to trade them. Users can provide their own liquidity on Polygon should they decide to do so.

Token launch for a 2D/3D hybrid metaverse featuring free-to-play-to-earn card strategy game and land ownership launching on Polygon.

  • Launch Details
    • Token will launch on Gate.io and Uniswap – $GOB / WETH pair
    • Listing price: $0.05
    • IDO price: same as listing
    • Initial market cap (excl. liquidity): $295,000
    • IDO held on GameFi, BSC Station and Poolz launchpads
    • Vesting: 20% of IDO tokens unlocked at token launch, then vested linearly over 4 months
    • Taxes: 0% buy / 0% sell
    • Game is available to play, here
  • Game Mechanics
    • Built on Unity + Immutable X + Elysium (Vulcan Forged Ecosystem)
    • Card battle game, where player factions fight each other using using Goon NFT cards for control of Balatroon, and earn $GOB tokens
    • Build customizable 30 Card decks made up of creatures, spells, mystery cards to defeat your opponent, and climb up the leaderboard
    • Play with either free non-NFT or paid NFT cards. NFT cards earn more $GOB rewards
    • Use $GOB to purchase card packs, craft new NFT cards, for in-game purchase add-ons, and enter into lease agreements with Goon NFT holders
    • Stake $GOB and receive additional token rewards
    • Lease your Goon NFT card to other players and share their game rewards
    • Hold a Goon Avatar and Goon Bod NFTs and earn $GOB token rewards daily
    • Roadmap includes launch of staking platform, land sales, game beta launch, card expansion and breeding, NFT leasing, land based strategy game, Gooniverse metaverse
  • Tokenomics
    • $GOB is the governance and in-game token
    • Token utility: staking, in-game rewards, in-game store currency, Card NFT minting, customisations, governance
    • Total supply: 750,000,000
      • 9.34% — Seed (12% unlocks after 6 months cliff, then block unlock over 12 months)
      • 5.33% — Private sale (10% unlocks after 3 months cliff, then block unlock over 9 months)
      • 1.33% — Public sale (20% at TGE, then vested linearly over 4 months)
      • 3.97% — Reserves (10% unlocks after 3 months cliff, then daily linear vesting over 12 months)
      • 6.96% — Advisors (10% unlocks after 3 months cliff, then block unlock over 12 months)
      • 5.20% — Early Adopters (10% at TGE, then daily linear vesting over 4 months)
      • 15% — Team (10% unlocks after 6 months cliff, then 5% monthly for 18 months)
      • 16% — Staking (exponential decay unlock)
      • 17.5% — Game rewards (daily linear vesting over 21 months)
      • 14.43% — NFT rewards (daily linear vesting over 24 months)
      • 5% — Liquidity (strategic unlock)
    • No transfer tax between wallets


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