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Aug 30 2022

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12:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 30 2022
  • Time: 3:00 am



Fitmint Presale Auction

Fitmint is a move-to-earn fitness platform launching on Polygon.

  • Presale Details
    • The app is already live and available for download on Android and iOS
    • This is a fair launch auction for the native token; $FITT, with no previous token sale rounds
    • Auction will be held on Copper Launch, and will run for 3 days
    • In a Copper Launch auction, the price of the token starts high and, assuming zero demand, drops based on a pre-configured price decay curve that can be resisted by buying pressure from auction participants
    • Starting price is $0.0152 and gradually decreases to $0.00082 if there is no buying pressure over time
    • Listing price: same as auction end price
    • No minimum or maximum allocations
    • Participants can buy into or sell out of the auction freely at any time
    • Initial pooled: 3000,000 $FITT
    • Starting pool weights: 95% FITT: 5% USDC
    • Ending pool weights: 50% FITT: 50% USDC
    • Initial market cap (estimate): N/A
    • Vesting: 100% of auction tokens unlocked at token launch
    • Taxes: None
  • Features
    • Earn $FITT tokens and NFT rewards for every calorie burnt, while equipped with your Sneaker NFT
    • Each Sneaker is classified by their stats/attributes – power, durability, stamina
    • Earning capacity is determined by calories you burn and your Sneaker NFT stats
    • Use $FITT tokens to upgrade your Sneaker, boost energy and thus your earning capacity
    • Stake $FITT tokens for a chance to win exclusive rewards
    • Users will be able to enter challenges and competitions with $FITT tokens and compete to win token and NFT rewards
    • Use the in-app wallet to deposit, withdraw, and swap tokens
    • Users will able able to trade, upgrade or rent their Sneaker NFTs on the in-app marketplace
  • Tokenomics
    • $FITT is the utility token
    • Token utility — staking, minting Sneaker NFTs, Sneaker upgrades, repairs, customisations, and for participating in competitions
    • Total supply: 10,000,000,000
      • 31% — Move to Earn rewards (rewards get halved every 3 years)
      • 15% — Staking rewards (rewards get halved every 3 years)
      • 14% — Ecosystem Fund (over 10 years)
      • 24.2% — Team (12 months cliff, then vested linearly over 4 years)
      • 5% — Advisors (6 months cliff, then vested linearly over 3 years)
      • 7.8% — Investors (6 months cliff, then vested linearly over 3 years)
      • 3% — Public sale


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Paid promotion. Always do your own research and use risk management.