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Nov 28 2022


6:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Nov 28 2022
  • Time: 1:00 pm



Everscale: EverName Domain Name Registration Launch

Launch of 5 characters domain name registration on Everscale.

  • EverName is a web3 domain name service on Everscale blockchain
  • Users can buy “.ever” domains with a length of 4 to 126 characters; including alphabets, numbers, hyphen
  • This is the launch for 5-character domain names registration
  • Domains consisting less than 12 characters are bought through an auction, and domains with 12 characters or more can be bought without an auction
  • Starting auction prices for domains, less than 12 characters:
    • 4 characters – 4000 WEVER
    • 5 characters – 2000 WEVER
    • 6 characters – 1750 WEVER
    • 7 characters – 1500 WEVER
    • 8 characters – 750 WEVER
    • 9 characters – 375 WEVER
    • 10 characters – 180 WEVER
    • 11 characters – 90 WEVER
  • Each domain is an transferable NFT that will be able be traded on secondary marketplaces
  • How to participate;
    • Bridge to Everscale via Octusbridge
    • You will need WEVER tokens to purchase a domain (WEVER is the wrapped version of native Everscale, EVER token)
    • Buy WEVER tokens on Flatqube DEX or wrap existing EVER
    • Search for available domain names on Evername
    • Connect your Everscale supported wallet; e.g. Ever wallet
    • Select the registration duration; minimum 1 year registration
    • Starts the auction and wait for bids. Auction lasts for 7 days and the user with the highest bid becomes the owner of the domain
    • Pay and register your domain with WEVER
    • Extend or renew domains before expiration. The value of a domain renewal is equal to the value of a domain without auction
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