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Feb 22 2022

TimePacific Time

10:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 22 2022
  • Time: 1:00 pm



Elexir Liquidity & Protocol Launch

New NFT nodes / OHM / DaaS / gamefi hybrid protocol on AVAX, with a number of unique mechanics.

  • Initial supply: 1,000,000 ELXR
    • 25% to public sale
    • 22.5% to Cauldron reward pool
    • 20% to private sale
    • 20% to marketing
    • 10% to team, vested over 6 months
    • 2.5% to initial liquidity
  • Private sale price: $2.50 / ELXR
  • Public sale price: $6 / ELXR
  • Listing price: $6 at Trader Joe
  • Presale tokens are linearly vested over 7 days
  • Cauldrons (ERC-721 NFT):
    • Cauldrons can be found on NFTrade, here
    • Cauldrons are yield bearing NFTs which will be tradeable and can evolve (using Cookbooks) to earn more rewards – see this table for details
    • Initial supply: 12,000
    • Cauldrons launch price: 40 ELXR
    • Base daily return: 0.2 ELXR / day
    • Cauldrons are limited in supply and can only be purchased when the treasury reaches certain KPIs
    • Public sale participants may buy Cauldrons at a discounted price using eELXR presale tokens
    • When ELXR rewards are harvested, the Cauldron explodes unless you use a Claim Stone
  • COOKBOOK (ERC-20 token):
    • Initial supply: 30,000
    • Cookbooks launch price: 2 ELXR
    • Used to level up your Cauldrons to increase your daily rewards
    • Like Cauldrons, the supply will be controlled
    • Staked ELXR can earn COOKBOOK
  • CLAIMSTONE (ERC-20 token):
    • Use claim stones to harvest your ELXR from a Cauldron safely, so it doesn’t explode (self-destruct)
    • Initial supply: 10,000
    • Launch price: 10 ELXR
    • Stake ELXR in a single pool to earn CLAIMSTONE, or it can be purchased directly
    • Like Cauldrons and COOKBOOK, the supply will be controlled
  • Mana
    • Mana acts as a cooldown to limit certain behaviors
    • Actions that cost Mana: buying CLAIMSTONE, COOKBOOK, or Cauldrons, claiming Cauldron rewards or leveling up Cauldrons
  • ELXR used to purchase Cauldrons, COOKBOOK or CLAIMSTONE is used as follows:
    • 80% to the reward pool
    • 7% to the team, 70% of which is to marketing and 30% is to tech
    • 13% to the DAO
  • The treasury will be grown via:
    • Users bonding other tokens for ELXR
    • Users purchasing in-game assets
    • Investments
    • Future NFT mints that will provide in-game benefits for the holder
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