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Apr 06 2022

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11:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 06 2022
  • Time: 2:00 pm



Dex Finance Launch

Algorithmic reserve protocol inspired by Tomb and Olympus DAO.

No contracts.

  • There will be a presale open to holders of their dexIRA token (previously launched), but the number of tokens available for the presale, presale pricing and any vesting for presale participants has not been announced at the time this post is being published
  • Trading and farms open at this time
  • There is no information in docs on initial supply or initial price of the tokens
  • USDEX is the algo-stable, pegged to 1 USDC
    • Rather than distribute USDEX directly to dexSHARE holders during expansion, newly minted USDEX is sent to a contract and sold algorithmically to encourage a more stable price
  • dexSHARE is the shares token; given that it can be minted, it appears there is no maximum supply
  • dexEFT represents the cumulative values of the assets owned by the protocol, and is distributed to dexSHARE holders when they stake dexSHARE
  • Users can purchase discounted USDEX and dexSHARE via bonding
  • Multiple strategies will be available for users to stake in at launch, with varying degrees of risk
  • There is no mention of deposit, withdrawal or performance fees in docs or the UI, and there are no contracts for us to check manually
  • There is no information in docs on any team tokens, tokens set aside for marketing and partnerships, etc.



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Paid promotion. Always do your own research and use risk management.