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Aug 12 2022

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1:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 12 2022
  • Time: 4:00 pm



DeMountain Finance ROI dApp Launch

New Avarice fork on BSC.

  • Stake $MOUNT (native farm token) to earn a share of the $MATIC dividends from the Daily Auction pool and interest paid in $MOUNT
  • $MOUNT can only be purchased or sold on the dApp
  • Only staked $MOUNT, not $MOUNT tokens can be sold
  • $MOUNT is purchased using $MATIC by participating in the Daily Auctions
  • $MOUNT can be staked for up to 300 days staking period
  • Staked $MOUNT and dividends can only be withdrawn at the end of the staking period
  • Bonus $MOUNT is also distributed at the end of the staking period; calculated based on the staking period — the longer the stake time, the higher the bonus percentage
  • Active stakes can be traded on the dApp
  • Daily Auctions
    • users deposit $MATIC to receive $MOUNT tokens
    • 90% of $MATIC in the auction pool is distributed to stakers, 8% for team, buybacks, and marketing
    • dividend payouts are capped at 60 days
    • no minimum or maximum deposit
    • supply of $MOUNT in the auction pool decreases by 5% daily (see tokenomics)
  • Users can borrow and lend $MATIC using active stakes as collateral
  • Fees: 8% on Daily Auction deposits
  • Referral commission — (paid in $MOUNT) 3% Referrer / 15% Referee
  • Tokenomics
    • $MOUNT (“DeMountain”) is the native farm token
    • Total supply: 3,000,000; allocated to Daily Auction
    • $MOUNT token value and price is determined by the amount of $MATIC invested into the system
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