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Aug 29 2022

TimePacific Time

9:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 30 2022
  • Time: 12:00 am



DawnStar Finance Presale & Liquidity Launch

DawnStar Finance is an algorithmic seigniorage protocol pegged 1:1 to MMF, from the MM Finance team and launching on Polygon.

❌ No contracts available (at time of review).

  • Presale Details
    • Presale will take place on MMF launchpad, and will last for 4 hours
    • Commit MMF / MMO LP tokens to receive $DSF tokens
    • Presale price: 1 MMF / $DSF
    • Listing price: same as presale
    • Amount to Raise: 2,000,000 MMF in MMF/MMO LP
    • Presale uses Overflow method — users can commit any amount, and if presale is oversubscribed, their final allocation is proportional to their share of the total contributions and any excess MMF / MMO LP tokens are refunded
    • Vesting: 100% of presale tokens unlocked at token launch
    • Presale fund allocation:
      • 100% of MMO — will be staked on behalf of the DAO fund to earn more MMF
      • 100% of MMF — Initial $DSF / MMF liquidity
    • The token contracts are not verified (at the time of review)
  • Launch Details
    • Token will launch on MM Finance DEX
    • Liquidity will be added immediately after presale ends
    • Post launch, users will be able to;
      • Participate in Genesis Pools to earn $DSF ($200,000 USD) — will include MSHARE and MTT pools
      • Stake DSF/MMF, SOLAR/MMF, DSF/SOLAR, or MSHARE/MTT LP tokens in the farms to earn $SOLAR
      • Stake $SOLAR in the boardroom to earn $DSF
    • ❌ No information on if there will be any fees on genesis pools or LP farms
  • Tokens & Mechanics
    • $DSF is the peg token; pegged 1:1 to MMF
      • Initial supply:
        • 2,000,000 for the presale
        • 1,000,000 for initial liquidity
        • 500,000 for genesis rewards
    • $SOLAR is the shares token, with a max supply of 80,000
      • 25% to the DAO fund
      • 75% for farming rewards
    • $MOON is the bond token
    • During expansion, newly minted $DSF rewards in the boardroom will be distributed as follows;
      • 75% — Reward for $SOLAR boardroom stakers
      • 25% — DAO fund
    • Epoch duration: 12 hours
    • Staked $SOLAR in the boardroom is locked for 8 epochs and $DSF rewards locked for 4 epochs
    • 3% boardroom stake fee
    • 3% boardroom unstake fee during contraction period; used to buy back DSF
    • Epoch Expansion: If there are bonds to be redeemed, 65% of minted $DSF goes to treasury until it is sufficiently full to meet bond redemption. If there is no debt it will follow max capped expansion rate
    • Expansion rate base on $DSF supply — first 14 epoch will be at 2.5%
    • $DSF emissions will be reduced by 10% if there’s any increment of supply by 25% after 3,000,000 $DSF
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