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Oct 11 2022

TimePacific Time

6:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 11 2022
  • Time: 9:00 am



Champion Finance BVIC LP Farms & Boardroom Launch

New algorithmic stablecoin pegged 1:1 to ETH on Avalanche.

This is the launch of the third peg token in the Champion Finance multi-peg ecosystem, following the launch of the AVAX pegged $AVIC and ETH pegged $EVIC. All peg tokens are maintained by the same share token, $CHAM.

  • LP Farms
    • Farming emission will last for 12 months
    • Stake LP tokens in the farms to earn CHAM
    • A bot will be used to allocate and stabilize the APR for CHAM rewards across 5 LP pools, based on market demand. Available LP pools include;
      • BVIC/BTC.b LP pool
      • EVIC/WETH.e LP pool
      • AVIC/USDC LP pool
      • UVIC/USDC LP pool
      • CHAM/AVAX LP pool
    • No deposit or withdrawal fee in the farms
    • Boardroom opens at the same time as LP farms
  • Boardroom
    • There will be 3 separate boardrooms – 1 for UVIC, 1 for EVIC and 1 for BVIC
    • Stake CHAM and/or Yield Wolf CHAM/AVAX LP and/or Yield Wolf BVIC-BTC.b LP in the Boardroom to earn BVIC
    • LPs deposited in Yield Wolf auto-compounding pools always earn CHAM in farm pools regardless of TWAP value
      • When TWAP > 1.01, those LPs will earn BVIC (Double rewards for LP holders when TWAP >1.01)
    • During expansion, newly minted BVIC rewards are distributed as follows;
      • 75% — Reward for Boardroom stakers
        • 50% — CHAM stakers
        • 30% — BVIC/BTC.b LP stakers
        • 20% — CHAM/AVAX LP stakers
      • 15% — Protocol Owned Liquidity fund
      • 10% — DAO fund
    • Epoch duration: 6 hours
    • Staked CHAM locked for 6 epochs and BVIC rewards locked for 3 epochs
  • Tokens
    • Algo-stable tokens:
      • $BVIC is the algo-stable, pegged 1:1 to BTC.b
      • $UVIC is the algo-stable, pegged 1:1 to USDC
      • $EVIC is the algo-stable, pegged 1:1 to WETH.e
      • Variable sell tax, ranging from 10-20% is applied on all algo-stable tokens, when price is under peg. All the taxes sent to Protocol Owned Liquidity multisig
    • $CHAM is the shares token (across all algo-stable tokens)
      • Total supply: 72,001
        • 61,200 — LP Farm & Node rewards (vested linearly over 12 months)
        • 5,400 — DAO fund (vested linearly over 12 months)
        • 5,400 — Team fund (vested linearly over 12 months)
        • 1— Pre-mint for initial liquidity
    • $CHAM is also the governance token and holders have voting rights on proposals
    • No bond mechanism
  • Features
    • Rebate (bond mechanism for building Protocol Owned Liquidity)
      • deposit bonding assets such as; BTC.b/WETH.e/USDC/USDC.e/WAVAX/MIM, and receive peg tokens at a discount
      • rebate opens when TWAP > 1.01
    • Rebase mechanism
      • used to support EVIC peg by reducing the circulating supply of $EVIC when either of the following conditions are met;
        • TWAP is at or below 0.6 at an epoch
        • TWAP has been below 1.00 for 15 consecutive epochs (6 hours/epoch)
      • Excluded from rebase – unclaimed BVIC rewards in genesis, $BVIC in DAO and Protocol Owned Liquidity wallets
    • LP Node pools
      • Lock up tokens in node pools for 1- 3 weeks to earn daily $CHAM rewards of 0.3% – 0.39% daily
      • 50% early withdrawal tax, if withdrawn before lock up period ends (fees sent to Protocol Owned Liquidity)
    • Chamily Pools
      • Earn quadruple rewards by staking Yield Wolf AVIC-LP receipt in the Chamily pool
      • Earn – AVIC LP APR on farm and auto-compounded by Yield Wolf, CHAM rewards, AVIC rewards and extra AVIC rewards when TWAP>1.01
      • Staked Yield Wolf LP is locked until the end of contract lifetime (ends on Oct. 15)
      • 50% early withdrawal tax, if withdrawn before lock up period ends (fees sent to Protocol Owned Liquidity)
    • ChamETF (Champion Finance ETF) for EVIC/BVIC/UVIC
      • Scheduled to launch on Oct. 15
      • ChamETF will be a new token that is distributed to Boardroom stakers instead of newly minted peg tokens
      • Newly minted peg tokens in the Boardroom is sold by the protocol to bring its price back to peg, and the profits converted to ChamETF tokens
      • ChamETF can then be sold without impact on the price of the peg token
      • ChamETF pool will include: BTC.b/ USDC/ WETH.e/ AVAX/ CHAM
    • Yield Wolf auto-compounding vaults
      • Stake LP tokens in Yield-Wolf vaults to earn auto-compounding rewards