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Aug 16 2022

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5:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 16 2022
  • Time: 8:00 pm



Castle Crush P2E Game Launch

Aug 15 update – delayed. New launch time Aug. 17 @ 00:00 UTC.

Free-to-play battle card royale P2E game on Avalanche.

The team says Castle Crush will be down from 10am – 4pm BRT (which would be about 7pm UTC) in preparation for the launch. As such, we have set this launch for 7pm UTC, although maintenance could end earlier, or take longer than the team originally planned.

  • Launch Details
    • At launch, players will start earning in-game reward token, $ACS by playing the game with the playable NFT cards
    • To play the game, you will need to download the mobile app from the app store, here (will open on Apple App Store or Google Play)
    • Over 1.4 million monthly active users
  • Game Mechanics
    • Players duel in 1v1 battles using a deck of cards to crush their opponent’s Castle
    • Players earn rewards such as; in-game reward token, $ACS, and Treasure Chests, by winning matches
    • $ACS earned is dependent on the player’s ranking and the rarity tier of their Cards
    • Players require a deck of 14 Cards (consisting of Minions and Spell Cards) to play the game
    • Cards have four tiers of rarity – Common, Rare, Epic Legendary
    • Cards can be obtained 2 ways;
      • from the in-game store using Gold/Gems, or by purchasing Chests with a credit card
      • through gameplay – by defeating other players in battle
    • Chests contain Cards, Gold (game currency) and Gems
    • Chests also have rarity — with rarer chests containing more rewards – Cards, Gold, Gems
    • Cards can be upgraded to increase the damage caused to opponents during battle
    • Cards are upgraded by merging several copies of the same card + pay an amount of Gold
    • Players unlock Trophies and Castles as they advance through the game by defeating their opponents
    • Once players advance far enough and move up in rankings, they are able to join Leagues — seasons lasting three weeks where players battle, level up to try and hold the coveted Legend title
    • Players level up by gaining Experience Points (XP) through gameplay. A player’s level determines the HP of a player’s Castle during battle
    • Players can play in Player vs Player (PvP), Player vs Environment (PvE ) or tournament game modes
    • In PvP mode, players are matched against other players with a similar amount of Trophies
    • Players can also participate in seasonal events to win exclusive rewards
    • Cards and other in-game assets can be traded, sold, or rented to other players on the in-house marketplace
    • Users can subscribe to Castle Crush Pro on the mobile app to get more Gems in their free chests and discounted treasure chests daily
    • Subscriptions currently cost $7.99 USD weekly and $32.99 USD monthly
  • Tokenomics
    • $ASC (“Ascension Crystals”) is the in-game reward token
    • $ACS is used to purchase and upgrade Cards and to participate in in-game events
    • Players get $ASC as in-game rewards and from selling NFTs
    • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $ASC
      • 80% — Player rewards
      • 10% — Marketing
      • 5% — Liquidity
      • 5% — Team
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