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Dec 01 2022


4:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Dec 01 2022
  • Time: 11:00 am



CanaBoyz Liquidity Launch

December 2 update – this is the contract / chart.

December 1 update – the team says they will announce the contract between 2pm – 5pm UTC on December 1, but they are not confirming that it will launch at that time. They are saying “Wait for AMA.”

Token launch for a P2E (grow-to-earn) cannabis-themed simulation game on BSC

Stealth launch between 2pm – 5pm UTC.

No contract available at time of review.

  • Launch Details
    • Token will be listed on PancakeSwap
    • Token pair: CNB/BNB
    • Listing rate: $0.0000001
    • Maximum buy: 0.5% of the total supply
    • Initial market cap: unknown
    • Initial liquidity: unknown
    • Game is currently live on testnet
    • Taxes: 10% buy | 20% sell
  • Mechanics and Features
    • CanaBoyz is a grow-to-earn NFT game featuring digital cannabis farms, gangs, and coffeeshop franchises
    • Players earn rewards by developing and growing their digital cannabis farm business and virtual franchises
    • Purchase NFT seeds, artifacts (pots, fertilizer, lamp, etc.) and accelerate crop growth to increase profitability
    • Players can open a coffeeshop and earn additional profits – earn commissions from sales at the coffeeshop between players
    • Purchase characters, gang up with other users and participate in tournaments, syndicates, battles and competitions to earn rewards
    • Hold a character and earn daily rewards (NFT yielding)
    • In-game marketplace to buy and sell in-game assets (seeds, artifacts, etc.)
    • $CNB is the governance and utility token, earned from harvesting crops, NFT yielding
      • Token utility – purchase seeds, artifacts, marketplace currency
    • $KUSH is the in-game token, earned from Coffeeshop commissions
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: CNB
    • Total supply: 42,000,000,000
      • ❌ No information available on the token allocation
    • 10% buy tax
      • 2% — $CNB reflection to holders
      • 2% — Liquidity
      • 2% — Burn
      • 4% — Marketing
    • 20% buy tax
      • 4% — $CNB reflection to holders
      • 4% — Liquidity
      • 4% — Burn
      • 8% — Marketing
    • No wallet transfer tax
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