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Dec 14 2022


7:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Dec 14 2022
  • Time: 2:00 am


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Burger House Launch

December 13 update – a new contract was deployed, which does not have the backdoor (according to the audit provider).

New ROI dApp (Pizza Tower fork) on BSC.

The countdown on the site is fixed on a 10 day timer, but the team says the launch is on December 14 at 7am UTC. The launch has been set as December 14.

❌ The audit found a backdoor whereby contract funds can be transferred from the contract to any given address.

  • Deposit BUSD to purchase BURGER COINS at a rate of 1 BURGER COINS = 0.005 BUSD
  • BURGER COINS can be used to purchase/upgrade the Tower Floors and hire more Chefs to each Floor
  • There are 8 different Tower Floors, each Floor comes with 1 Chef and can be upgraded to a maximum of 5 Chefs per Floor – the higher the Floor/Level, the higher the ROI
  • Chefs generate daily yield in BURGER CASH
  • Daily ROI: 2% – 2.6% (depends on the Floor/Level and number of Chefs)
  • Withdraw/sell BURGER CASH rewards in exchange for BUSD at a rate of 100 BURGER CASH = 0.005 BUSD
  • Minimum tower cost: 2.5 BUSD (Floor 1/Level 1)
  • Maximum tower cost: 12,500 BUSD (Floor 8/Level 5)
  • 5% deposit fee in BURGER COINS and 4% in BUSD
  • 5% withdrawal fee (in BUSD)
  • 168 Hours Tower floor upgrade cooldown for 6th, 7th, and 8th floors
  • 24 hours rewards accumulation cutoff; must collect BURGER CASH rewards daily to continue earning rewards
  • 3-level referral system:
    • Level 1: 7% in BURGER COINS, 3% in BURGER CASH
    • Level 2: 3% in BURGER COINS, 2% in BURGER CASH
    • Level 3: 2% in BURGER COINS, 1% in BURGER CASH
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