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Oct 03 2022

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8:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 03 2022
  • Time: 11:00 am


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BanksyDAO Dogechain Farm Launch

Farm launch on DogeChain from the BanksyDAO team with, Ape O’Clock KYC. User @Banksy_FarmAdmin on Telegram was the person who completed the KYC process.

Team previously launched farms on Avalanche and Fantom.

❌ No masterchef available at time of review.

  • Launch Details
    • Users can earn via the farms, pools and Walls (dividends)
      • Stake LP tokens in the farms and earn $BANKSY
      • Stake single-side tokens in the pools and earn $BANKSY
      • Stake $BANKSY in the Walls and earn stablecoin dividends
    • 4% deposit fee on non-native farms and pools; 0% on natives
      • 25% of deposit fees are distributed to BANKSY stakers in USD
      • 75% of deposit fees goes to Walls, marketing, partnerships, development
    • 4 hours rewards harvest lockup in farms, pools and Walls
    • 6 hours staked BANKSY lockup in Walls
    • 3% transfer tax
      • Transfer fees will be distributed to stakers in the BANKSY Owner’s Pool
    • 24 hours Masterchef timelock
    • Farming emission: ~0.017 $BANKSY/second (approximately 30 days of emissions)
    • Users can also stake BANKSY Smart NFTs in the farms, pools and Walls (dividend pools) to receive benefits such as;
      • boosted farm and Walls rewards
      • earn “experience” – more experience, more rewards
      • reduced harvest lockup times
      • governance voting rights
    • 3 NFTs can be merged for even more boosts – merged NFT should have a ~25% improvement than your best NFT (theoretically)
  • Tokenomics
    • Token symbol: $BANKSY
    • Total supply: 50,000
      • 80% — Farming (emission rate: ~0.017/second vested over 30 days)
      • 10% — Partnerships
      • 1% — Liquidity

Ape O’Clock KYC uses a rigorous, AML and KYC regulatory compliant identity verification process to ensure the accuracy of the identification information submitted to us.

In the event of a rugpull or “hack,” Ape O’Clock will submit the KYC’d individual’s information to law enforcement in the city / country of the KYC’d party. Ape O’Clock will NEVER reveal the KYC party’s identity to the public.

KYC is another signal to evaluate when doing your own research, but again, it does not guarantee project safety or a recovery of funds in the event of a rugpull. For more information on Ape O’Clock KYC, click here.