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Aug 13 2023


2:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 12 2023
  • Time: 10:00 pm



Armedax Token Presale

Presale on Ethereum.

Heath data AI protocol. No tax, 92.5% of supply unlocked at launch.

🧬🧬ARMEDAX AI ECOSYSTEM🧬🧬 SENSITIZING HUMANITY TOWARDS A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE AND ENHANCING LONGEVITY USING AI GENERATED HEALTH INDICES. The Armedax AI protocol is an AI powered ecosystem built to generate health indices using self diagnostic individual health data parameters, promoting healthy living and longevity through health awareness initiative and AI mediated self diagnostic algorithm. 📌OUR MISSION AND GOALS ARE UNIQUE📌 💥-To promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the general population. 💥-To enhance human longevity by creating a system that predicts early occurence of health adversities and diseases. 💥-Preventing the incidence of diseases and conditions like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases through a combination of life style modification guides and early detection algorithm powered by our AI system. 💥-Enhancing widespread global health awareness, sensitization and early prediction and diagnosis of disease conditions. 💥-Creating wealth through a robust utility backed armedax token and its functionalities. 💥-Generating and creating liquidity for genuine AI projects with real time products available to the general population. 💥-Ensuring immutable blockchain integrated data security for the global health community. 🧬THE ARMEDAX ECOSYSTEM🧬 The Armedax ecosystem is an ecosystem of trust, productivity and cutting edge technology comprising: ✅The Armedax AI Analysis app(MEDAXLITE) The Medaxlite is a unique medic based AI system accessible to the global community for assessment of self healthcare indices in the area of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases with the more coverage in subsequent application upgrades ✅ Public Health App. This app can assist in public health management by facilitating real time tracking and monitoring of disease outbreaks, vaccination and health records using blockchain encryption and Immutable technology. ✅Armedax Blockchain Medical supply Chain Management App. 1. Counterfeit drugs and medical equipment pose significant risks to patient safety and healthcare systems. 2. Blockchain can create a transparent and traceable supply chain, ensuring the authenticity of pharmaceuticals and medical devices by recording their journey from manufacturer to end-user, including immutable manufacturing blockchain barcode encryption equipped with expiry dates on such consumables. ✅ Data and Immutable Blockchain Integrated Patient Centered Health security APP(MEDARLOX) ARMEDAX DECENTRALIZED FINANCIAL SYSTEM COMPRISING: ✅The Armedax token. ✅The Armedax IDOPAD and CEX ✅Staking/yield farming protocols. ✅Armedax NFT market place. ✅ Armedax global online Store. ✅ Armedax Credit card and Digital payment system. ✅Armedax Wallet.
  • Presale details
    • Presale will be held on GemPad
    • Duration: 3 day(s), 8 hour(s)
    • Hard cap: 55 ETH
    • Soft cap: 30 ETH
    • Minimum contribution: 0.01 ETH per wallet
    • Maximum contribution: 10 ETH per wallet
    • Presale rate: 1 ETH = 27,142 AMDX
    • Listing rate: 1 ETH = 23,000 AMDX
    • Initial market cap: $2,417,665
    • Listing on: Uniswap
    • 60% of the presale funds will be added to liquidity
    • Liquidity lock: 3500 days
  • Tokenomics
    • AMDX is the native token
    • Total supply: 30,000,000 AMDX
      • 1,492,810 – presale
      • 759,000 – liquidity
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