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Sep 01 2022

TimePacific Time

12:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 01 2022
  • Time: 3:00 am



ArcheWorld Game Launch

Open world MMORPG on Borachain, based on ArcheAge.

  • The servers will be in maintenance from 12am UTC until launch time (7am UTC)
  • At launch, the servers will be located in Asia, the team plans to expand as the ecosystem grows
  • Initial languages supported: English, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese (Traditional” and Korean
  • The game can be pre-downloaded on their site
  • Available on Windows only
  • Two tokens are used:
    • Archeum – obtained by defeating monsters, used craft items, upgrade equipment and buildings, and can be exchanged for $BSLT
    • Blue Salt $BSLT – pay land taxes, purchase blueprints, trade in the markets
      • Blue Salt can be exchanged for $BORA
      • Can be earned in-game via fandom card rewards, distribution of land taxes, completing missions, etc.
      • 10 BSLT fee when withdrawing, and cap of 1000 BSLT can be withdrawn
      • Max supply: 1,000,000,000 $BSLT
        • 200,000,000 for the team
        • 50,000,000 for marketing
        • 150,000,000 for player rewards
        • 100,000,000 for liquidity
        • 100,000,000 for ecosystem (scholarships, etc.)
        • 150,000,000 for the treasury
        • 100,000,000 as reserves
        • 150,000,000 for partnerships
  • Users begin with 1 skillset, and can progress to unlock a max of 3 skillsets
  • Characters progress by earning XP while hunting monsters, completing quests, consuming labor, etc.
  • Gear can also be progressively upgraded by earning XP plus paying a fee in Archeum
  • All users start in “peace zones,” and can progress to fight in neutral zones
  • Guilds provide buffs, and can settle territory into a player nation, which can generate earnings via trading territory supplies and DAO decision making re: in-game fees
  • NFT land can be bought, sold and leased
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