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Mar 07 2023


4:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 07 2023
  • Time: 11:00 am



Arcadia Finance Protocol Launch

Launch of a margin trading protocol on Ethereum and Optimism.

  • Mechanics & Features
    • Borrowers can access up to 10x leverage to long/short tokens
    • Lenders provide liquidity (e.g. wETH, USDC) and earn yield from the protocol’s liquidation fees
    • Arcadia will be launching in 2 phases:
      • Lenders (LPs) — starting March 7
        • March 7 – March 9: only open to Degenscore Beacons to provide liquidity
        • March 9 – March 13: only open to waitlist (aka the OGs) 
        • from March 13 – gradually opens to public
      • Borrowers (leverage takers) — starting March 13th
        • March 13 – March 15only open to Degenscore Beacons to borrow
        • March 15: only open to waitlist (aka the OGs)
        • from March 15 – gradually opens to public
    • At launch, there will be a total cap of $500,000 across all lending pools – lending caps will gradually increase over the next several days
    • Initially, only wETH and USDC will be available for lending
    • Lenders will not be subject to any lockups
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