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Feb 24 2023


6:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Feb 24 2023
  • Time: 1:00 pm


Preferred AuditorRugged

Alchemy Tomb LP Farms & Boardroom Launch

February 24 update – site and socials deleted, and liquidity drained.

Tomb fork on Arbitrum.

  • Stake AS and AZ LPs for AS rewards
  • Stake AS in the boardroom for AZ rewards
    • During expansion, 100% of newly minted AZ goes to AS stakers in the boardroom
  • AZ is the algo-stable, pegged to ZYBER
  • ❌ AS is the shares token, with an unknown max supply
    • 80,000 for farming rewards over 365 days
      • 30% to AZ-ZYBER
      • 70% to AS-ZYBER
    • There is no information as to any team or treasury tokens
  • AB is the bond token
  • Contracts are not listed in their docs, but the team provided these contracts to us:
    • AZ: 0x81715F844727cEFE7BD8381be80931E17361066F
    • AS: 0x3894c919363b099C8Cde2cC29Ea2e50d4fe2eeA7
    • AB: 0x02458bcA601d34e8A0b8A4EA39757916964D39Cd
    • Genesis: 0xe1A19538924b261894d8EB605c158CF27A81aCda
    • Share pools: 0x3A16223b6a668A2b9DfB7f8F26905b03903426f0
    • Boardroom: 0x1FF05Cf7D7c40cDd59b0b3502768626D4be64668
    • Treasury: 0x552866a62a77C5f3211A39c449b32feD0CF57bFF
    • Oracle: 0x7145841f6A4781A71E15d0F309755EF9573D49aF
    • AZ LP: 0xce61b7827FeD038F874e47C37F919dffc2D6031f
    • ASHARE LP: 0xAd3af8b20d19e3EBD3384ba92DaBAfA264aDcD33



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